Change your Career Page Domain Name Extension


This article explains how to change your career page domain from to in Personio, and which adjustments you need to make for your career page integration so that you can continue to use it just like before. This also applies if you use your own career page and access positions for this page via Personio's XML feed. 


Change your Domain Name Extension in Personio

To switch from to, go to Settings > Recruiting > Career page. Choose the relevant company/subcompany of the career page and select the domain name extension .com from the drop-down menu.



URL Switch in Three Easy Steps

In order to make sure your career page keeps on working after the change of the domain name extension, you will need to update the integration setup.

  1. First, check how the Personio Career Page is integrated into your website. This could be via a link, an Iframe or using XML. You could also be using a combination of two options (link and XML) – if that is the case, please make the changes for both integration types. 

    If you are not sure which type of integration you are using, please contact your website administrator. If you need additional support, feel free to contact our Service Team.

  2. Follow the instructions in the relevant section of this article to make the switch. Depending on how the page is integrated with your website, the switch can take anywhere from a few minutes to about two hours.
  3. We suggest that you get expert help for the switch to ensure that it is done quickly and seamlessly. The integration of the Career Page via Iframe or XML, in particular, requires specialist technical knowledge.

Please make sure to verify all existing links to content on the Personio Career Page and update them if required, for example, if you link to a particular ad post or application form on your website.


Integration of the Career Page Via a Link

If you have integrated the Personio Career Page into your website via a link and also have links to the Personio Career Page within your website navigation, you'll need to update all of these links. Contact your website administrator to have this done. The administrator will only need to change the domain extension in the link. Change it from to

Make sure that each and every link on your website that points to the Personio Career Page is updated.

Time required: up to one hour


Integration of the Career Page via Iframe

If you have integrated the Personio Career Page into your website via Iframe, please contact your website administrator to make the necessary changes to switch over to the new URL in the website code. This may require some programming knowledge. For further information about integrating the Career page via Iframe, please visit the Developer Hub.

The link integrated into the Iframe code, or more specifically the src attribute in the respective tag, needs to be updated. To find the src attribute, search the website code for a tag that matches the following example: <iframe src=“ ...>.

This tag needs to be changed and the new URL for the career page inserted: <iframe src=“ …>.

Time required: up to one hour


Integration of the Career Page Via XML

If your website lists positions that come from your Personio Career Page but have a different design, then your Career page is most likely integrated via XML (and API). We recommend that you work with your developers or internal IT department to make the switch to the new URL.

Ask them to update the URL used to access the XML feed. They need to change it from to

Please note that there is no redirection from the old to the new URL for XML integrations. Be sure to also check whether you are using integration via link on your career page in addition to integration via XML, and if that is the case, make the necessary changes

Time required: up to two hours


Changes for Postings and Promotion

After setting up the new URLs as explained above, the link for the Promote feature and the tracking links will be updated automatically. For this reason, you don't need to make any changes here. Redirection ensures that candidates will continue to be directed to your application form even if they click on an old link in existing postings.

If you link to your postings from external websites or social networks to promote them, make sure that you use the new URL for the Personio Career Page in the future.



If you and your developers or internal IT department have any questions as you update the career page, please contact your website administrator first. Our Service Team will be happy to help if you need additional support.




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