How can a Posting on an External Job Board be Changed or Canceled?


This article explains how to edit or cancel a posting that has been posted on an external job board such as LinkedIn or Xing via the Personio Promote Feature.

Depending on what you want to edit, there are different ways to do so:

  1. To edit the position name or description, you can do so directly in the position's Description tab.
  2. For changes in  the metadata, you need to submit a request to our promotion partner, GoHiring.
  3. To make changes to the About us section or the subheadings of the different sections, you can do so in the career page settings.
  4. To request an early expiry/cancel a posting, you can do so directly in Personio's Promotion tab under My postings

Note that editing postings is not supported by any free job boards apart from Xing basic. To make changes to positions on other free job boards, you will need to cancel, update and renew your posting. Learn more about canceling a posting here.


How to Edit the Job Description of an Externally Promoted Position

To make changes to the job description of a posting that is currently live on an external job board and was posted via the Personio Promote Feature you will first need to edit the position's Description and then make sure you submit these changes to the external job board.

Edit the Job Description

To edit the job description, go into Recruiting, select the position you want to edit, and click View details. Now select the Description tab, and click Edit in the bottom right corner. Always make sure you edit the description in all the languages if necessary. Once you are finished editing your description, click Save

A pop-up window will appear in which you need to confirm that you want these changes to be published.

Note that this only refers to publishing these changes on the Personio Career page, not external job boards.


Post Changes on External Job Boards

To post these changes on your external job boards, you will need to go to the Promotion tab. Here you will now see a notification where you can click Check availability to see if your selected external job boards support editing. recruiting-promotion-notification-new_en-us.png

If the job board supports editing, you will see an estimated time for when the changes will be posted in green. If the job board does not support the editing of job descriptions, it will show as not supported in red. Now click Request edits.


When hovering the mouse over not supported you will see further details (either because the job board does not support changes, you are trying to edit a posting on a free job board, or because the posting's expiry date is too close).

To see if the edits of a posting have been posted, you need to check the posting on the external job board. To do so, select in the Promotion tab the posting you want to check (e.g. LinkedIn), and click in the pop-up window on the three dots. Here, you can select Go to posting from the dropdown menu, which will redirect you to the live posting on the external job board.


How to Edit the Position's Metadata

To make changes to a posting's metadata such as company address, location, or name, after a position has been posted on an external job board, it is necessary to contact our promotion partner GoHiring.

Note that changes to the position's metadata will not be updated by the process described above.

To get in touch with GoHiring you have two options:

Contact GoHiring via Notes

For German speakers

Contact form

To add a request via the GoHiring request form, go to Submit Request in the drop-down menu and select Change Posting. GoHiring-form_en-us.png
This opens a form (only available in German) where you can enter the required information about the posting in question and the changes you would like to make. 

GoHiring usually responds within 3 hours and initiates the change on the job board in question.

For international customers


If you are an international customer, you can email directly to request the change, instead of using the form.

Make sure to state your company name, position, the job board and the new link (if you need to update the link to the application form).


How to Edit the "About us" Section and Job Description Headings

If you would like to make changes to the About us section or any of the headings in the different job description sections, you need to do so in your Settings section.

In order for the changes described below to become visible in the posting of an external job board, you need to "inform" the job board of the update. The only way to do so currently is by creating a change in the position's Description as described above. In this case, a simple added space in the Description will suffice to trigger the notification in the Promotion tab to request edits in the external job boards.


Edit "About us" section

Go to Settings > Recruiting > Career page > scroll down to Descriptions & translations. Here you can edit the content of the About us section in all languages. Once you are done, click Apply changes.Settings-career-page-About-us_en-us.png


Edit Job Description Headings

Go to Settings > Recruiting > Job descriptions, select the section heading that you want to change, and click Edit. Here, you can make changes to the headings of the job description subsections in all languages. Settings-Recruiting-job-descriptions_en-us.png


How to Cancel a Posting on an External Job Board

To cancel a posting because the position has been filled, or to request an early expiry of a posting on a free job board because you need to make changes, proceed as follows:

  1. Go into Recruiting, select the position you want to edit, and click View details.
  2. Select the Promotion tab and click under My postings on the Job board where you want to cancel the posting.
  3. A pop-up window will appear - click on the three dots and select Request expiration from the drop-down menu.
  4. The job board will automatically be notified of the request. It may then take some time for the status of the posting to change to Expired.

Note that if you want to cancel a posting because you promoted it by accident and will need a refund, you will need to get in touch with our promotion partner GoHiring using the Contact Form (for German speakers) or email stating your company nameposition, the job board.

If you have canceled a posting on a free job board, in order to make changes, adjust your posting in the Description tab. Then navigate to the posting via Promotion > My Postings > Your posting and click on the Renew button to post the position again.


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