In this article, you will learn how to integrate Merge in Personio. You will get an overview of all the requirements, and instructions for setting up the integration with the Personio employee data API.

With the Essential Plan you can only use the paid DATEV integration. From the Professional Plan onwards, you have Recruiting API Access and can use an unlimited number of integrations of your choice. If you need Personal Data API Access, this is possible with the Enterprise Plan.


What is Merge?

Merge provides the tools to transform how B2B companies realize customer-facing integrations. With Merge's Unified API, developers integrate just once and give their customers access to over 40+ HR Information Systems (HRIS), Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and Accounting integrations. Merge takes charge of the entire lifecycle of integrations and adds new platforms every week.


How can I set up the integration between Merge and Personio?

Personio customers simply interact with Merge’s Linking Flow Modal to benefit from integrations powered by Merge.

  1. First, log in to your Personio account as an Admin user and navigate to Settings > API > Access. Here you will be presented with the entire list of attributes that the API should read from. Click on the Editbutton to add / remove attributes as you see fit.


  2. To set up the integration between Merge and Personio you need the following information from your Personio account:

    • Client ID
    • Client Secret

    To generate the Client ID and Client Secret, navigate to Settings > API > Credentials. Select Generate new credentials.

    Please note that if you use the Generate new credentials command, your existing credentials become invalid.


  3. Afterwards, input your Client ID and Client Secret into the modal on Merge. If the Client ID and Client Secret are incorrect or unsuccessful for some reason, you will be prompted to try again. If successful, you can start using the Personio integration immediately.



What data will be transferred?

Merge currently supports fetching employee, employment, location, team, and time-off data from Personio and inputting it into another system.

For employees, Merge fetches:

  • Name
  • Personio-generated IDs
  • Profile pictures
  • Date of birth
  • Employment status
  • Gender
  • Hire date
  • Last name
  • Marital status
  • Personal email
  • Termination date
  • Work email
  • Work location

It is ultimately up to the Personio partner or the vendor building the integration to decide what data from Personio they want to pull, but this is the list of possible options.

Merge offers filtering for the following:

  • created_after and created_before (when the employee was created in Personio)
  • manager_id
  • team_id
  • work_location_id
  • modified_after and modified_before (in Personio)

It is up to the Personio partner to decide whether they want to use the filters that Merge provides and / or support additional filtering. For information (for prospective partners) on how to apply these filters within Merge, you can refer to Merge's docs.


What are the costs?

There is no cost for using Merge for Personio customers. Personio customers benefit for free if their vendors integrate with Personio using Merge.

For prospective Personio partners who are looking to integrate with Personio and are considering using Merge to power their integrations, Merge offers two pricing plans - pay as you go and an enterprise scale plan, depending on the specific business needs. For more details on Merge's pricing, please click here.


Who do I contact at Merge?

If you have any further questions regarding your Merge / Personio integration, feel free to contact Tara Pichumani from Merge at

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