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This article contains all necessary information around the current improvement activities for the goals that are within the Performance tab.

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We decided to implement some smaller features to enhance the user experience of the goals and KPI domain that lives in the performance area. Until End of June, we are planning to improve and add a couple of small features to simplify your workflow. In the following, we will explain the key improvement points. After the development phase, we will update the existing Help Center articles accordingly.

Key Improvements

The following improvements will be available in the next weeks:

  • Duplicate goals
  • Restrict goal edit rights
  • Optional bonus contribution (custom weights for KPIs)
  • Goal exports
  • Goal timeline
  • Custom goal name and interval
  • Goal history

Please note that the Performance area is only available to customers who have subscribed to either the Professional or the Enterprise plan. Customers on the Essential or Recruiting Only plans are not (currently) able to use this functionality.


Duplicate goals

Goals and their KPIs can be duplicated on an employee level. The KPI fields, apart from the bonus contribution, will be emptied. This only affects KPIs that were not deleted in the meantime. The goal interval can be changed during the duplication process.


Restrict goal edit rights

When creating a goal, you will now see a goal settings area at the top of the Edit KPI view. This setting area will allow you to set permissions for other users to edit the goal you created, as follows:

  • If selected, any user with editing rights to the Performance area will be able to edit/add/delete KPIs within the goal. However, the other users with editing rights will not be able to see or change this edit permissions setting.
  • If unselected, the editing of the goal will be restricted to the user that created the goal, regardless if other users have editing rights to the Performance area or not.


Optional bonus contribution 

The formerly known bonus contribution field below the KPI will be renamed to custom weighting for KPIs. The creator of the goal has the option to hide this field for all KPIs of the goal by unchecking the box Custom weights for KPIs in the edit view of the goal. When the custom weighting is deactivated, the weighting of all KPIs will be equally distributed. The functionality of the attribute does not change.


Goal Exports

Goals can be exported in the goal overview. The export will be saved as a PDF document on the Documents tab in Personio. The document includes all current information that is displayed in the goal in a table view.


Goal timeline

The calendar view will be replaced with a yearly timeline that makes it easier to distinguish between the goals and their interval. The timeline will remain a yearly view and display all goals for the respective employee for the selected year.

Custom goal names and interval

A free text field will be added to the goal creation widget to give every goal a custom name. The interval of the goal will still be visible on the goal overview.

The interval type 'Custom' will be added to the interval dropdown menu on the goal creation widget. This will allow to define a unique interval for this goal. Keep in mind that custom intervals can't be connected to bonus payments.


Immutable goal comments

Comments can be added to the goal. This widget lives in the goal overview below the KPIs. Comments can only be added with edit rights to the performance tab. Please be aware that only the creator of the goal comment can delete the comment. Comments are not editable.


Goal history

The history will display all recorded changes that were made to the KPI. Every change record will include the name of the KPI, the field that was changed, the old and the new value of the field, the name of the person who made the change, and the date. Please note that we can't display any updates that were made before the introduction of the history feature.




Frequently Asked Questions 

When will this be available for my account?
We continuously deploy the mentioned improvements throughout the next weeks. There is no exact date defined for the individual improvements.
What else has changed?
We already deployed some small improvements to the Goal & KPI area. All details will be added to the existing Help Center articles.



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