In this article, you will learn how to integrate HRider in Personio. You will get an overview of all the requirements, and the instructions for installing the integration with the Personio employee data API.

With the Essential Plan you can only use the paid DATEV integration. From the Professional Plan onwards, you have Recruiting API Access and can use an unlimited number of integrations of your choice. If you need Personal Data API Access, this is possible with the Enterprise Plan.


What is HRider?

HRider is a specialized solution that helps HR professionals like you to easily manage their performance assessment and talent development processes.

Core functionalities

  • Performance Management & 360º Feedback.
  • Individual Action Plans
  • Talent Mapping (N-Box)
  • Satisfaction and Work Environment & Culture surveys
  • Real-time reporting

With HRider's advanced cloud technology, accessible to any type of organization, you will be allowed to take decisions based on data in real-time.

Modernize performance review, objectives and KPIs, take the pulse of the work environment or create talent maps of your organization in an agile way.

Fully configure your own professional skills and KPIs or any other indicator. Of course, all with your own look & feel to boost your corporate identity.


How can I set up the integration between HRider and Personio?

  1. Login to your Personio account as an Admin user and navigate to Settings > API > Credentials. To generate your Client ID and Client Secret, click on Generate new credentials. Personio will then automatically generate a file containing the Client ID and the Client Secret.

    Please note that if you use the Generate new credentials command, your existing credentials become invalid.


  2. Now enter your Client ID and Client Secret in HRider.


  3. Enable the following employee attributes: Employee ID, Name, Surname, E-mail, Gender, Supervisor, Office, Department, Job position, Phone number, Address, etc.

    To do this, go back to your Personio account and navigate to Settings > API > Access. Here you will be presented with the entire list of attributes that the API should read from. Click on the Editbutton to make changes to the selection, and to add / remove attributes as you see fit.



What data will be transferred?

The following employee data will be transferred from Personio to HRider:

  • Employee personal data
  • Employee position
  • Employee supervisor
  • Organizational structure

This includes the following attributes if they are enabled:

  • Status
  • Employee ID
  • Name
  • Last name
  • E-mail
  • Gender
  • Supervisor
  • Office
  • Department
  • Job position
  • Hiring date
  • Last modified
  • Birthday
  • NIF
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Post code
  • City
  • Mobile phone
  • Personal phone
  • Corporate mobile
  • Photo

HRider only transfers employees with the status “Active” from Personio.


What are the costs?

The integration with Personio is completely free. The cost in HRider is per number of employees you subscribe for your account. Access is complete to all modules / features.

Personio's clients who purchase a subscription to HRider will get 20% reduction (annual commitment).


Who do I contact at HRider?

If you have any further questions regarding your HRider / Personio integration, feel free to contact HRider directly at

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