Beta-Test | API key management | June 2021

This article contains all necessary information for participants in the beta test for the new API key management. Thank you very much for taking part in this test.

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The Beta Testing Procedure

The beta test is expected to proceed as follows:



CW 24 - 28

Duration of the beta test. The functionalities listed below are activated in your Personio account.


Scope of Beta Testing

The following functionalities are available in the beta test:

  • The new API key management section in the Personio settings
  • The multi credential management workflow feature
  • The credential permission feature to limit access for the individual credentials

Credential management overview

The API key management is available in the Personio settings and replaces the existing API section. The new section provides an overview of the existing credentials and allows to generate new credentials. There's no limitation to the amount of credentials that can be generated. Clicking on one of the credentials will open a drawer on the right side, providing more details for the selected credentials.



Credential management workflow

By generating new credentials or clicking on an existing one, a drawer will appear on the right side to enter or update the shown values. Give the credentials a unique name and connect them to an integration that's available in the marketplace. The selection is optional and won't trigger any automation. The purpose of it is purely informative.
Client ID and secret are generated automatically and can be copied from the drawer by clicking the Copy button. By default, the credentials are enabled but can be disabled at the top of the drawer.


Credential permissions

Credential permissions can be defined for every individual pair of credentials by checking the boxes at the bottom of the drawer. Afterward select the employee attributes that shall we accessed with the credentials. Be aware that you can't distinguish between attributes available for Read or Write only, in case both ways are checked in the module above. 



Feedback During the Beta Test

A successful beta test builds on your feedback. It is an essential factor for all further development and improvements that we do with Personio.

Please use the feedback form below to share your thoughts with us so we can analyze and take them into consideration during the current beta phase. Feel free to use the form more than once to provide your feedback.



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