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In this article you will learn about the Workflows page, and how it can help you manage the different workflows currently available in Personio. 


What is the Workflows page?


The Workflows page allows you to quickly access different workflows currently implemented within Personio, such as reminders, e-signatures and on- and offboarding. This way, you can check the workflow status in a single click, and never miss an update.

Workflows consist of a sequence of steps designed to automate certain procedures that repeat overtime, so that admins can save time and complete their work a lot faster. They are particularly useful for tasks that involve different departments and teams within the company and can be hard to keep track of, such as the signing of a contract.


What workflows are currently available?

  • On and Offboarding


Onboarding and Offboarding are some of the key workflows in Personio. Click on the On- and Offboarding section to navigate directly to the On-/Offboarding settings in your account, so that you can quickly review your existing On-/Offboarding templates.

The templates are dedicated onboarding and/or offboarding processes for each type of employee (e.g., full-time employee, work student, etc), so that you do not need to spend time adapting the process for every new hire. 

You can learn more about the On-/Offboarding here


  • Reminders


Reminders are another important workflow in Personio, since they allow you to easily keep track of all tasks that are due soon. Click on the Reminders section to navigate directly to the Reminders settings in your account. You can then quickly add new reminders or make adjustments in the ones you previously set up.

You can learn more about the Reminders here. 


  • E-signatures



E-signatures are also an important workflow for HR managers, since they usually handle several hiring processes simultaneously. Click on the E-signatures section to navigate directly to the E-signatures Overview in your account, so that you can know the status of all e-signatures at a glance.

You can learn more about the E-signatures Overview here


  • Marketplace integrations


Additionally, you can also configure new workflows by adding integrations to your Personio account. Click on the Check out integration workflows link to navigate directly to the Marketplace section in your account. Here you can set up different integrations and configure new workflows involving third party software. 

You can learn more about the Personio Marketplace here. 

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