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In this article, you will learn how to integrate Lanes & Planes in Personio. You will get an overview of all the requirements, and the instructions for installing the integration with the Personio employee data API.


What is Lanes & Planes?

Lanes & Planes is the first end-to-end travel management solution that digitizes the whole process of business travel and expense management including the following:

  • Search & booking (all means of transport + direct interfaces)
  • Cancellation, rebooking, and reimbursement
  • Mobile travel buddy & ticket wallet (via an App)
  • Travel expense accounting and receipt management
  • ERP integrations (DATEV, MS Navision, SAP, etc.)
  • Invoice processing from just one supplier
  • Compliant travel roles, policies & requests
  • Corona travel update center and corona travel map
  • Extensive reporting and statistics (incl. CO2 reports and compensation)
  • Servers based in Germany and ISO-certified computing centers
  • Only skilled support agents trained in Germany

In digitizing travel and expense information, Lanes & Planes is able to save up to 30% of travel and indirect spend for its SME customers (e.g., edding, Personio or notebooksbilliger).


How can I set up the integration of Lanes & Planes and Personio?

  1. Once Lanes & Planes has enabled the Personio user data import for your organisation, a new button called Manage Personio Keys will appear in the Settings & Policies section of the company account. (Access to this page is available to users with the Administrator role). Click on Manage Personio Keys.


  2. You will now be asked for your Personio Client ID and your Personio Client Secret. You can find this information in your Personio company account.

  3. Before retrieving the API credentials from the Personio account, add a new custom attribute which will enable you to activate the integration for specific employees later. To add the new attribute, navigate to settings > employee information, choose a section and click on Add an attribute. Make sure to name the attribute lanes-planes_enabled, choose the attribute type List of options from the drop-down menu, add the option "yes" and click on Add to save the new attribute. For more information on how to create custom attributes, here.


  4. You need to generate new API credentials for this integration in Personio under Settings > API credentials. For more information on how to do this, have a look at our help center article on how to generate and manage API credentials. You can choose which personal data the integration can read or write based on the attributes listed in the following points.

  5. Now enter your Client ID and Client Secret in Lanes & Planes. As soon as you have saved the information, your Personio keys are stored.


  6. The current user data from Personio will now automatically be forwarded to Lanes & Planes via the API at least once a day. You can also actively initiate the import of Personio user data via the user management page in the company account by clicking on Pull users from Personio.


  7. Afterwards, you will receive an overview of which users have been created, updated or deactivated by your import job.


  8. If you click on Show user, you will see more details about which users the system has changed and you can click directly on the respective Lanes & Planes user account. 



What data will be transferred?

The following user data can be transferred from Personio to Lanes & Planes directly via the interface and will be updated automatically:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Gender
  • Cost centre(s)
  • User account active / inactive


What are the costs?

Lanes & Planes offers a plan that suit your business:

  • Light (up to €25,000 annual travel budget): from 95 € monthly basic fee for a maximum of 10 users.
  • Essential (up to €75,000 annual travel budget): from 190 € monthly fee for an unlimited number of users.
  • Essential (up to €350,000 annual travel budget): from 390 € monthly fee for an unlimited number of users.
  • Enterprise (up to €15 Mio. annual travel budget): Price on request.

From now on, Personio customers receive the basic fee for free for six months when they become Lanes & Planes customers, so you can test the software without any risk. Find more information here.



Who do I contact at Lanes & Planes?

You can reach Lanes & Planes via email at or directly by phone on +49 (0)89 / 215 407 120. You can also find a more detailed overview of all other Lanes & Planes functions here.


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