Quality Check (Recruiting)

This article explains which settings you will need to check before introducing Personio in your company. All these settings need to be configured to guarantee you a fully functioning Personio account.


Required Settings

Please make sure that the following settings are complete and correct.  

Email Settings

  • If you use your company's internal recruiting email address for correspondence with candidates, a redirection to the company's recruiting email address has been set up and the SMTP settings have been entered correctly.
  • The autoresponder for applications submitted via the online tool and via email has been enabled under Settings > Recruiting > Categories for each category (if required). 
  • If specific employees have been selected as the senders of the receipt confirmation email, a signature has been saved in their profile. In general, we recommend saving a signature in the profile of all employees who are involved in communication with candidates. You can find out how to save signatures here.
  • If your email templates, such as, for example, your automatic receipt confirmation for candidates (under Settings > Recruiting > Email templates), contain gender variables (e.g. Dear ||Mr.|Ms.|| {{last_name}}), make sure that your emails will display correctly. Firstly, gender should be a mandatory field in the application form. Secondly, for email applications, gender should be manually added to the candidate profile before the candidate is assigned to a position.


The Personio Career Page

  • The company name has been stored so that it can be displayed correctly in the career page browser tab.
  • A link to the legal notice has been added. (This is not necessary if you are using your own career page.) 
  • In the Translations section, all the relevant company information has been saved in all the languages you use. 
  • The data privacy statement contains detailed information about your company.
  • The retention period for candidate data specified in your data privacy statement corresponds to the retention period you have defined under Settings > RECRUITING > Recruiting > General > Data privacy settings (Anonymization after X days).


Recruiting Roles 

  • The access rights and notifications for individual recruiting roles have been coherently configured. You can find out here why these settings are important.
  • Responsible persons have been assigned for each job opening. You can find out what effects this setting has here.

Optional Settings

To get the most out of your Personio account, we recommend that you also check the following settings.

  • If you want to publish positions you have created in Personio on your own career page, the XML interface has been enabled. You can find information on this for your IT department here
  • If you want your job postings to appear in the Google for Jobs search, the Google Jobs enabled setting has been activated. You can find further information here.
  • The application form has been configured. For further information, please click here.
  • All the phases that candidates are required to go through during the application process have been created. The maximum number of days that a candidate should spend in each phase has been specified. 
  • All the interview types that you would like to plan in Personio have been added.
  • Custom email templates have been created for the application process.
  • The evaluation forms that will ensure a uniform evaluation process have been configured. For further information, please click here
  • Your logo, header background, font and colors have been saved so that you can set up your Personio career page in accordance with your corporate design.  
  • The Personio career page has been customized using CSS. You can find further information here




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