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In this article, you will learn how to integrate ARK ONE with Personio. Read on for an overview of all necessary prerequisites.

Activate from the Marketplace: We have improved the activation flow for this Integration. You can now start the activation from the Marketplace. For more information, visit our article Activate Integrations from the Marketplace.


What is ARK ONE?

ARK ONE is a Global Mobility/Relocation Management software managed by Noah Mobility GmbH. It focuses on making the relocation process easier for companies and their employees, as well as for individuals.

It comprises of a separate module for company HR’s which helps them to track the relocation of the employees in a single place.

Progress, invoices and relocation allowances can all be managed from a single platform. Each new employee is allocated a relocation coordinator who ensures a smooth transition of the employee from one location to the other. Noah Mobility has handpicked advisors to assist employees move in and out.


How Can I Set Up the Integration of ARK ONE and Personio?

You need to generate new API credentials for this integration in Personio at Settings > API credentials. In most cases, when selecting an integration in the drop-down menu, the system automatically preselects the system attributes that need to be read or written by the integration. You can always add or remove attributes manually if they are needed, or you wish to do so. For more information on how to do this, have a look at our help center article on how to generate and manage API credentials.

Log in to the Company Panel in ARK ONE. Next, go to Employee Management > Link with Personio to access the employee import screen.


Enter your Client ID and Client Secret in the Noah Mobility Company Panel to be shown all employees. There will be an option to select the employees which are to be displayed in Noah Mobility Employee Management.



Data Transfer

Noah Mobility uses the Personio API to obtain employee data (GET). The platform does not perform POST / PATCH or DELETE operations.

The following attributes are used when transferring employee master data:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Gender

No filter is implemented. A complete list of employees is displayed, and you have the option to manually select which employees you would like to have imported into the Noah Mobility Panel.


How Much Does It Cost?

The current price is 29.00 EUR excl. VAT per month for using the ARK ONE Company Panel including API integration with the company's HR tool.


Who Do I Contact at Noah Mobility/ARK ONE?

If you have any further questions regarding your integration of Personio with Noah Mobility/ARK ONE, feel free to contact Noah Mobility's support team directly at




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