Performance Feedback


This article explains how to create, manage and export performance feedback for employees via the Performance tab.

It also explains how employees can do the following via the Performance tab:

  • Create feedback, using feedback forms
  • View feedback that they have received

Performance Overview

In the Performance overview, you can create, manage and export feedback for an employee. To access it, go to the relevant employee's profile and click on the Performance tab.


Under the Feedback section, you can create feedback for an employee and employees can create feedback, using feedback forms.

Draft Feedback

Newly created feedback that has not been sent can be accessed under Draft feedback. Draft feedback can be edited. Only the creator of the draft feedback can view and edit it. 

Note After feedback is sent, it can be edited. Feedback is visible to everyone who has at least viewing rights for this section.

Received Feedback

Employees can view received feedback under Received feedback.

Note To create new feedback, an employee needs editing rights for the Performance data section. To view the feedback that was written for them, employees need at least viewing rights for their own Performance data


How to Create Feedback for Employees using a Feedback Form Template 

Follow these steps to create feedback for employees using a feedback form template.

1. Compose New Feedback

Navigate to the employee profile and click on the Performance tab. Click on the Compose feedback button located within the Feedback section. The Compose new feedback dialog displays. 


2. Select a Template

Select the relevant template that you previously created under Performance settings

Tip For more information on how to create a form template, see Performance Settings


3. Answer the Questions

After you select the relevant template, you will be taken to the review form on which the relevant questions will be displayed. Answer the questions.


4. Optional: Add Supporting Documents

You also have the option to add supporting documents by clicking on the Click to upload files button. The documents will then also be added to the employee's Documents tab, and can be accessed from there.


5. Save or Publish the Feedback

You then have two options: you can save the feedback as a draft or publish it and make it visible for the employee straight away so that they can access it.

Feedback that is saved as a draft will only be visible to the person who created it. Similarly, feedback can only be updated or deleted by the person who created it.

Tip Once feedback is published, an email is automatically sent to the employee who is the recipient of the feedback and to their supervisor. For more information on notifications and reminders, read Notifications and Tasks in Personnel Administration.


6. Export the Feedback Form

After you have published the feedback, you have the option to download it as a PDF or to export it to the Documents tab in an employee's profile. It is not possible to export or download draft feedback.

How to Download Feedback as a PDF

  1. Under the employee's Performance tab, click on the feedback that you wish to export.
  2. Click on the Export button on the right.
  3. In the Export Review? dialog, tick the checkbox Download PDF, and click Continue.
  4. The printer configuration window opens. You can either print the document or save it as a PDF.

How to Export Feedback to the Employee's Documents Tab

  1. Under the employee's Performance tab, click on the feedback that you wish to export.
  2. Click on the Export button on the right.
  3. In the Export Review? dialog,  tick the checkbox Export feedback, and click Continue.
  4. The form is sent in the Documents tab of the employee, and can be accessed under the category Performance. This category is automatically created the first time a feedback form is exported for the respective employee. 




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