Using DATEV DALY Exports to Import HR Master Data

Note that this article is only relevant for you if your company is located in Germany 🇩🇪

This article will explain how to import HR master data from DATEV into Personio using a DATEV data analysis system (DALY) export.

Note that for the successful use of the DATEV integration with Lohn und Gehalt a minimum of version 11.65 of Lohn und Gehalt is required. For more information on the available program versions, see Info-Dok. 1021721.


Creating the DALY Export

You will only be able to use a DALY export if your payroll is done using the DATEV integration and you, or your accountant, have subscribed to and are using the DATEV comfort plan.

You can use the DALY export during both the initial Personio implementation and when setting up the DATEV integration as an existing customer.

To generate the DALY export, please follow the instructions for DATEV LODAS and Lohn und Gehalt available here in the DATEV Help Center, or forward them to your accountant.


Importing Data Into Personio

The easiest way to transfer the file is if the person responsible for your payroll has their own profile in your Personio account. You can find information on best practices for creating an external payroll accountant in Personio here. If you use this method, your accountant can, for example, upload the file created directly to their profile. Alternatively, you as a Personio customer can of course also upload the file.

The Personio contact person who is setting up the DATEV integration for you can use the file created to immediately prepare the data. You can then import the data into your account.

Please note that an email address or another unique employee attribute must be included in the data being imported into Personio. If this is not included in the DATEV data, it will need to be added to the import file.




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