How does the role "All employees" work?


The following article explains the functionalities of the employee role All Employees in Personio.


The system role "All Employees"

The role All Employees is one of the two system roles in Personio. All active employees are automatically assigned to this role as soon as they are created, and cannot be removed from it.


It is the basis for all other employee roles, thus we strongly recommend you limit the access rights for this role as much as possible. The All Employees role is also the opposite of the second system role, the Administrator role, which has full access to all functionalities in Personio. 


Impact of the role All employees on other employee roles 

Every active employee is assigned to the role All employees. This means that every access right you grant for this role will automatically be transferred to each additional role. When setting the access rights of another role you created, all access rights deriving from the role All Employees are displayed as greyed in. These access rights cannot be removed.



Defining Access rights for the role All employees

Because the Access rights you define for this role are applied to all other roles by default, we strongly recommend you be as restrictive as possible when you define the rights for the role All Employees. You can then grant more rights by creating new roles.

One employee can be assigned to several roles.


Example of access for the role All employees

Since the role All employees is recommended to have limited access rights, the number of features and sections an employee with this role can access is also restricted. The following screenshots highlight the difference between what is displayed for an employee with the Administrator role, and a typical example of what would be displayed for an employee who has only access rights via the All employees role.

Account view with an Administrator role

Account view with an 
All employees role only
my-profile-administrator_en-us.png my-profile-all-employees_en-us.png

Note that the account sections an employee with the role All employees can access are dependent on the access rights you grant them. You can find further information and details on the different access rights here.




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