In this article, you learn how to integrate Peakon with Personio. You will find an overview of all the prerequisites, as well as instructions on how to set up the integration via the Personio employee data API.

Activate from the Marketplace: We have improved the activation flow for this Integration. You can now start the activation from the Marketplace. For more information, visit our article Activate Integrations from the Marketplace.


What is Peakon?

Peakon is an employee success platform that converts feedback into insights you can put to work. This helps your company to become an employee-centered organization in which every person – whether trainee or manager – can drive the change they wish for.

Whether CHROs or HR professionals, CIOs or CEOs of innovative start-ups and medium-sized companies – Peakon is a game changer for improving business performance and enhancing employee engagement.


How Can I Set Up the Integration of Peakon and Personio?

Before connecting to Personio, please let your Peakon Customer Success Manager know that you would like to use the integration, and they will enable this feature for your Peakon account. You can also write to to activate this feature. Peakon then extracts the employee data from Personio and maps it to your existing attributes in Peakon.

You need to generate new API credentials for this integration in Personio at Settings > API credentials. In most cases, when selecting an integration in the drop-down menu, the system automatically preselects the system attributes that need to be read or written by the integration. You can always add or remove attributes manually if they are needed, or you wish to do so. For more information on how to do this, have a look at our help center article on how to generate and manage API credentials.

Next, log in to Peakon and navigate to Admin > Integrations. Click on Personio and then on Connect.

You will be prompted to enter your Personio Client ID and Client Secret. Confirm your selection by clicking on Connect.




Which Data Is Transferred?

The default fields for Peakon and Personio are as follows (these field names do not need to match):

Field or attribute in Peakon Personio attribute
First Name First Name
Last Name

Last Name

Email Email
Employee ID Employee ID
Manager Supervisor
Age Birthday
Gender Gender
Job title Position
Tenure Hire Date
Office Office
department department
Type (i.e. full-time, part-time, contractor, etc.) Employment Type
Separation Date Termination Date
Separation Reason Termination Reason


How Much Does It Cost?

Personio integration is available for Peakon Business and Premier customers. More on Peakon’s packages can be found here.


Who Do I Contact at Peakon?

For questions or feedback on the integration, please contact the Peakon sales team at, or book a product demo!



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