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In this article, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Cronofy, our partner to integrate your corporate calendar in Personio.

In which country is Cronofy based? 
Cronofy is a service provided by Cronofy Ltd., based in London, in United Kingdom.
Which data center is being used? 
Personio exclusively uses Cronofy’s AWS data center based in Frankfurt am Main, in Germany.
Can I set up a data processing agreement with Cronofy? 
Yes, we even recommend this. In order to do so, please contact
Is Cronofy GDPR compliant and will this change with Brexit? 
You can find Cronofy’s GDPR compliance information here.
Where can I find information on compliance and security? 
Cronofy is ISO27001 certified and has a SOC2 report available. You can find information on the topic of security at Cronofy in their Cronofy Security Whitepaper.
Can Cronofy’s access be restricted to free/busy information? 
An essential part of the calendar integration feature is the actual creation of events in your company calendar. In order to do so, we need the access right to write entries in your company's calendar (write scope). Unfortunately, restricting access to free/busy information does not grant us this write scope and prevents us from creating events.
Can Cronofy’s access be otherwise restricted or monitored? 
Yes. For more information about using the calendar synchronization with Office365 and Exchange, click here. For more information about using it with G-Suite, click here.


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