Revised Attendance Tab (Beta)

This article explains the revised attendance tab that is available under the Attendance tab in the employee profile. To learn how to record attendance periods in Personio, click here.

This feature is not activated by default, as it is currently in beta testing. If the new attendance tab and related functions such as project-based time tracking and break rules are of interest to you, please get in touch with us via our contact form.


The New Attendance tab

Under Employee profile > Attendance, you will find all topics that are relevant to time tracking – now in a new design and with added functionalities.

All attendance periods are shown in a calendar view. Under Attendance balance, you'll see the employee's working hours for the current month. If overtime is to be recorded according to the work schedule, overtime and deficit hours are displayed, and the box Work hours & schedule shows the regular working days per week as well as the weekly working hours as defined in the work schedule. 


Do you have any ideas or feedback on the revised attendance tab? Use the "Give feedback" button on the top right. Your input will be forwarded directly to our Product Team.


The Attendance balance

The time periods recorded in the attendance balance provide an overview of the current month.

Tracked Recorded, confirmed and requested working hours. Note that time entries that have not yet been approved or rejected will also be included here.
Current goal Hours that are calculated each month based on the work schedule. The target hours are reduced in the case of: public holidays, absence or employment start or end date during the month.
Remaining All hours that are still to be performed in that month.


Overtime hours

If according to the work schedule overtime and deficit hours are recorded, an overview of these is displayed in the new attendance tab. Click on the button with the three dots (top right) to get to the overtime balance. Read here how to manage overtime in that section and how to convert these hours to vacation days or have them paid out, if desired. 

Tracked Overtime status at the end of the month, after overtime hours have already been compensated through either vacation days, payouts or manual adjustment.
Month balance All overtime recorded within the month without deductions.
Total balance Overtime balance since time tracking began.

Note that depending on the selected overtime rule, the recorded overtime hours and overtime for the month may differ. For more information on configuring overtime, click here.

In the monthly overview, overtime and deficit hours are marked with a purple clock. This allows you to see immediately on which days the hours worked were above or below the hours defined in the employee's work schedule.


Work hours & schedule

The box "Work hours & schedule" shows at a glance how many and which weekdays are work days for a particular employee. It also shows the weekly working hours according to the employee's work schedule. Click on the button with the three dots (top right) to view or edit a work schedule or to assign a new one. 

Work days The number of work days per week, plus a list of the weekdays on which they fall. 
Weekly hours The working hours to be performed during the week, according to the work schedule. 


Functions in Attendance Tracking


General Functions

The new Attendance tab offers a monthly overview in calendar format. Attendance periods can be fully or partially recorded. This means that employees can, for example, enter a start time in the morning and add an end time in the evening without losing the first entry.


Employees can enter the exact times of their working hours and break times on the revised attendance tab. The exact break time will then be displayed in the calendar, while the start and end times of the working hours will be specified.


Please note that in order to change break times that have already been entered, you need to change either the preceding or following time period. The break time will then be automatically adjusted.

To allow changes to be made to existing attendance records, a proposal right can be granted. If an approval process has been defined for the attendance tracking, it will be triggered again, and the supervisor can approve the edited attendance record.


Project-Based Time Tracking (Beta)

The "Project-based time tracking" feature (beta) facilitates the tracking of hours that have been worked on a project. When entering their attendance, employees can click on Add project/comment field and then assign their working hours to projects they select from the Project drop-down menu.


Read this article for further information on project-based time tracking (beta), how to configure the feature in Personio and how to report on project hours in linked reports. 


Break rules (beta)

The new Attendance tab allows for break rules to be stored. Employees and approvers are notified if they enter, or are asked to approve, either insufficient or too long break times. If times are recorded that exceed the stored break rules, you receive a notification when they are entered.


By clicking the warning symbol, employees can view the break rule that's in place to adjust the working hours accordingly.


The warning symbol will indicate any incomplete entries as well as any deviations from break rules. 


Additional Functions

Export of attendance periods including breaks

By using the Export button at the top right of the new Attendance tab, employees with (minimum) viewing rights for the Attendance tab of the respective employee profile can create an export. The export consists of a monthly overview and a detailed breakdown of the tracked working hours per day, along with the total of the break times, in PDF format.


Break times in the Attendance periods system report

Recorded break times can be displayed, together with working and project hours, in the Attendance periods system report and exported as an Excel file. 


Attendance tracking via mobile app

The new Attendance tab facilitates employees recording their working hours quickly and intuitively in the Personio App. The project-based time tracking function is also available in the app.


Improved overview for confirming attendance times

Not only the entering functionality, but also the approval of attendance times is being revised. Approvers will see an overview of their employees' recorded working hours on a new confirmation page and no longer need to confirm numerous individual blocks of time.

If you would like to have this function activated in the beta version, please use this contact form to get in touch with our Service Team. 


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