Importing Payslips via the DATEV Lohnauswertungsdatenservice

This article explains how to import your employee's payslips that have been created in DATEV LODAS or Lohn und Gehalt into Personio via a direct interface, and how to process them from there


DATEV Lohnauswertungsdatenservice – What Is It?

The Lohnauswertungsdatenservice allows external systems such as Personio to directly access and import the documents that your accountant has released in DATEV LODAS or Lohn und Gehalt. The confidential documents are retrieved from the DATEV data center via a secure interface and stored on the Personio server. You can retrieve them from there, and so can your employees, if you so choose.


Requirements for Using the DATEV Lohnauswertungsdatenservice in Personio

To be able to use the retrieval function for payslips in your account, the following prerequisites must be met:

  1. Account activation and preparation
    Your account must be configured for using the DATEV Export functionPlease get in touch with your Implementation Manager directly, or use our contact form to reach out to our Support team
    💡 If you are already using the DATEV Export from Personio with LODAS or Lohn und Gehalt, you can skip this step.
  2. Subscription to the DATEV Lohnauswertungsdatenservice
    Request (or ask your accountant to request) the service from DATEV. See this DATEV document for detailed steps.
  3. Authorizing Personio access to your accountant's DATEV software
    Prior authorization is required in the settings in order to receive the documents from DATEV in Personio. The process is the same as for the DATEV Lohnimportdatenservice. Personio allows you to authorize either a single DATEV service or both services together. Read this article for more information.

    The authorization for a particular combination of Advisor ID and Tenant ID in DATEV is valid independently of subcompanies in Personio. This means that all the payslips contained within a DATEV tenant will be retrieved, even if only some of the employees are part of the subcompany in Personio. This is particularly important if the same combination of Advisor ID and Tenant ID has been used for several subcompanies in Personio and different access rights have been set up for the different sub-companies. As a rule, each subcompany in Personio should correspond to only one tenant in DATEV.

  4. Access rights in Personio
    Personio's system of roles and rights defines which of your employees have access to the functionalities described below.
    To be able to view and download payslips that have been sent out from an employee profile, employees need at least viewing rights for the "Payroll" document category.
    To generate a preview and download payslips within preliminary payroll, employees need at least viewing rights for payroll.
    To generate new payslips from DATEV and distribute them to employee profiles, employees need editing rights for payroll


Retrieving Payslips from DATEV in Personio

Once your account is set up and the connection between Personio and your accountant's DATEV LODAS or Lohn und Gehalt software has been confirmed, you can retrieve payslips in the preliminary payroll area in Personio. This is done as follows:

  1. Making payslips available in DATEV
    To be able to retrieve documents, your accountant first has to release them in DATEV LODAS or Lohn und Gehalt. Read this DATEV document for details on how this works. Note that when the payroll is completed in DATEV, a time period can be specified for potential adjustments, and it may only be possible to retrieve documents after that period.
  2. Retrieving payslips
    Once the documents have been released and are available from DATEV, they can be retrieved by clicking on Fetch payslips in the preliminary payroll area of Personio. In this step, payslips are assigned to their respective employees via the DATEV Personalnummer.


    To ensure that a personnel number used to assign the payslip cannot be changed unexpectedly, we recommend that you check the current access rights of employee roles and approval processes.

  3. Bulk downloading payslips
    Click on Documents to download the payslips into a .zip file. The .zip folder contains all retrieved payslip files in PDF format for your records. Again, it is important to consider that all payslips contained within the DATEV tenant are included in the .zip file, regardless of whether they have been matched to an employee via the Personalnummer or whether employees are distributed across different subcompanies in Personio (with the same Tenant ID).LADS-DocumentView_en-us.png
  4. Preview of individual payslips
    After the payslips have been successfully retrieved, you can preview them for individual employees in the respective column. To do this, simply click on the green Payslip button.
  5. Distributing payslips
    When you're ready, distribute the imported payslips directly to your employees' individual document areas so they can access them at any time. Do this simply by clicking Distribute payslips.LADS-Overview_en-us.png

    Please note that only the system document category Payroll can be used to distribute the payslips. Accordingly, only employees who have viewing rights for this document category will be able to see their payslips.


Blocking of Functions Due to Potential Sources of Errors

If Personio detects that a data point relevant for assigning payslips was changed in your company or a subcompany within your account, you will be asked to reconfirm access to the payslips. Until access is reconfirmed, payslips can neither be shown in the preview nor downloaded or distributed to employee profiles. Relevant changes include changes to the attributes "DATEV Personalnummer" (employee number), "Consider in German payroll," "Status" and "Subcompany," if applicable.


A duplicate personnel number will also trigger an error message. If this happens, payslips cannot be accessed, as they cannot be uniquely allocated to employees. This will be shown as an error message in the payroll table for the employees concerned.

These are important security mechanisms to avoid confidential documents being assigned incorrectly or viewed inappropriately. In this case, please review the changes and the allocation of the DATEV Personalnummer to the employees concerned.  If necessary, consult with your accountant to verify that the number assigned in their DATEV system matches the one in Personio.

Once you are ready, you can again access the payslips at a simple click and continue to process them as usual.


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