In this article, you will learn how to integrate HeyJobs with Personio. Read on for an overview of all necessary prerequisites.


What is HeyJobs?

HeyJobs is an HR tech company. The HeyJobs recruiting solution supports more than 1200 large and small companies in generating qualified candidates by using modern technologies. HeyJobs is particularly effective for filling non-academic positions. Using performance marketing, the company's job postings is pushed to both active and passive candidates on over 50 channels and 1000 pages. Every day, the self-learning HeyJobs algorithm automatically allocates the marketing budget to the sites and channels that generate the most qualified candidates. Candidates are then able to apply directly online via a desktop computer or smartphone. HR managers can determine necessary qualifications in advance using customizable selection questions. Applications from qualified candidates can be viewed in the HeyJobs Recruiter portal, by email or in your own applicant tracking system (ATS).


How Can I Set Up the Integration of HeyJobs and Personio?

Even with the Essential plan, you can integrate one partner of your choice. If you would like to use more than one integration partner, this option is available from the Professional plan upward.

HeyJobs needs access to the API to transfer incoming applications to Personio. The Recruiting API access token can be found at Settings > API > Credentials.


To identify HeyJobs as the source of applications, create a new recruiting channel in Settings > Recruiting > Channels.


This creates a Channel ID, which then needs to be submitted to HeyJobs together with the Recruiting API access token.


Which Data Is Transferred?

Job openings in Personio are transferred to HeyJobs using an XML feed.

Candidate information is transferred from HeyJobs to Personio.

No employee master data is transferred.


How Much Does It Cost?

Depending on the job type, HeyJobs offers various pricing structures for postings running for 30 days (from €700 for single postings), with some including a performance guarantee for the number of incoming applications. Custom campaigns and packages with special conditions are also available, depending on the volume of positions advertised.


Who Do I Contact at HeyJobs?

Please contact HeyJobs at integrations@heyjobs.de at any time if you have any questions regarding your Personio / HeyJobs integration.


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