E-Signature Overview


This article explains how you can use the dashboard and the overview page to keep track of the status of all requested electronic signatures and your available contingent. 

Access to the e-signature widget on the dashboard and the overview page is reserved for administrators. The widget is shown once you have requested at least one electronic signature.


E-Signature Widget on the Dashboard


The widget provides an overview of all requested e-signatures that still have a status of pending or have already expired. 
Click on the widget to access the e-signatures overview page, where you'll find details on all electronic signatures requested for your account as well as the associated documents. 

Expired requests 
A request for an electronic signature expires four weeks after the date of the request if one of the signatories fails to complete the digital signing process. Once this period has expired, the document can no longer be signed. 


E-Signature Overview


The e-signature overview shows the details of all requested electronic signatures and their status. It also shows how much of your monthly e-signature contingent you have already used. You can filter the view by status and sender.

Edit the preset filter to access details on any documents. The preset filter options depend on whether you have accessed the overview page by clicking on the button for pending or expired requests in the dashboard widget. 

The following information is available in the overview: 

  • Sender: This is the employee who has sent the request for the electronic signature. 
  • Signers: This is/these are the person(s) who need to sign the document. You can also see the status of signatories' individual signatures. 
  • Document: Click on the document name to get a preview of the file. You'll initially see the version that was originally sent out. Once a document has been signed by all signatories, you can download the signed PDF file here. 
  • Request date: This is the date on which the sender requested that the signatory/signatories sign the document. 
  • Expiration date: This is the date on which the e-signature request will expire. Signatories will no longer be able to finalize the signature process after this date. 
  • Document status: This is the status of the overall document. Once an e-signature has been requested, the document status is set to Pending. Once all parties involved have signed the document, the status is updated to Signed. If the signing process is not completed within a period of four weeks, the document status changes to Expired.
  • Actions: Click on the three dots to download the document or its audit trail. 

What Is the Audit Trail? 
The audit trail is provided by our partner, SignatureIT. It is a document that stores all electronic verification data generated throughout the e-signature process. This trail serves as evidence of a document's integrity. For further information please read this Helpcenter article or visit the SignatureIT website


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