Using Electronic Signatures for Employee Documents


This article explains how you can have documents signed electronically by one or more employees.

To request e-signatures for documents, the requesting employee must have the necessary access rights. You can allocate these for employee documents via employee roles. At minimum, viewing rights for the Public profile and editing rights for the corresponding document category within Documents are required.


Requesting E-Signatures from Individual Employees

If you only need one employee to sign a document, you can request their electronic signature directly under Documents in the employee profile where the document will ultimately be filed. 


This is done as follows:

  1. Add the file you need to have signed via the Upload function and click on Request signature. The document does not need to contain a signature placeholder, so the employee can add the signature anywhere in the document. 
    ⚠️  If you also wish to incorporate the location and date of signing into the document, please use a previously created document template with location and date placeholders.
  2. Select the signatory for the document. This can be either the respective employee, or you can request a signature from a different employee within your company. 
  3. Select the language for the email request to the employee and add a custom message, if you wish.
  4. The employee then receives an email asking them to sign the document, and the status of the signature request automatically changes to Pending. Read this article to find out more about the signing process.
  5. Once the document has been signed, its status is updated to Signed, and it is stored in the relevant document category in the employee profile. You can download it from there including the signature. An email copy is also sent automatically to the person who has signed the document. All documents for which electronic signatures are requested are converted to PDF format when they are signed, even if they were originally uploaded as DOC files, for example.


Requesting E-Signatures from Multiple Parties

If an employee document needs to be signed by several people, e.g. new contracts when employees are promoted or their contracts change, you need to create a document template in your Personio account. This document template needs to contain signature placeholders to define where the signatures need to be placed and in which sequence they will be requested. You can also include placeholders for the location and date of signing. 

Read this article to find out how to create document templates with placeholders for e-signatures (as well as placeholders for the location and date of digital signatures).


Do the following to request signatures from multiple persons:

  1. Go to the employee's Employee profile > Documents and click on Create new to create the document you wish to have signed. Make sure you select a template that includes signature placeholders.
  2. Add any missing information to the template as required and click on Create.
  3. Access the Request signature function from the e-signature column in the overview. To do this, first select the persons you need to sign the document at the placeholders defined in the template. You need to assign signatories manually to the signature placeholders. This is not done automatically by naming (adding designations to) the placeholders. Designations merely serve as indicators of who needs to sign a document where. Edit the sequence in which you want signatories to sign the document by clicking on Settings > Documents. This sequence will be applied to all e-signatures you request for the particular template.
    ⚠️  One of the signatures must always come from the employee in whose employee profile the document was created.
  4. Select the language for the email request sent to the signatories. The language can only be selected universally for all intended signatories.
  5. Add a custom Email message, if you wish. This message will be sent to all intended signatories.
  6. Once you have clicked on Send document, the recipients will receive their requests to sign the document digitally in the sequence you have defined. The status in the e-signature column will be updated to Pending. You can hover the cursor over the status to see additional information.
  7. As soon as all parties have signed the document, the document status is updated to Signed, and you can download the document with all of the signatures. An email copy is also sent to the persons who have signed the document. 

Please note that the persons requesting signatures will only be notified about the status of eSignatures if they are also signatories. This information can only be accessed directly from Documents in the respective employee profile.


E-Signatures Webinar (German only)


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