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This article contains all key information about the Personio UX research program and how you can participate in it.


Registration for the Personio UX Research Program

Our team at Personio works continuously to improve our product for you, and we really value your feedback! The Personio UX research program allows you to interact with us in various formats so that we're better able to take your needs into account in our product development. Having your say is very simple:

  1. Register
    Use the following link to sign up for our user studies newsletter by checking the "User studies" box.
    👉🏻👉🏽👉🏿 Register for user studies 
  2. Participate
    We will contact you when we do an interesting study. Each invitation contains precise information about how the study will be run, what we will be testing and how you benefit from participating.
  3. Thank you!
    We really appreciate your feedback and will keep you informed about planned improvements via our community. 🥳

We'll only collect and use your data for the stated purposes in accordance with the EU GDPR guidelines. You can terminate your participation in the Personio UX research program at any time by sending us a short email to

Personio also offers a beta testing program. For more information about registering, please refer to this article.


FAQs on the UX Research Program

How are UX research studies conducted?
We'll send you an invitation when we are about to conduct a study that matches your profile and interests. We'll inform you about what is going to be tested and how you can help us with your input. You can then decide if you would like to take part in the particular test. If yes, we'll agree on an appropriate time slot for you to take part in the research activity.
Which UX research methods do we use?
UX research methods are applied at all stages of product development. During the early product development stages, we want to get a better understanding of the problem to be solved. In the later stages, we want to test or "validate" (as software developers would say) our concepts and designs. Depending on the stage the research relates to, we use different methods for collecting user feedback. Your feedback then helps us solve your problems even better. Read on for a few examples:


We use interviews to talk with you in detail about a particular topic so that we can deepen our understanding of a problem. Interviewsgenerally take between 30 minutes and an hour, and they can be conducted remotely, at our office or at your workplace. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic we are conducting all interviews remotely, meaning that all of us stay at our respective locations and talk via Zoom. To do that, you'll need a stable internet connection and an end device that allows you to open the Zoom call, either in a browser plug-in or from the installed Zoom app. We have carefully verified that these calls are secure.

Just in case you'd like to know: Scientific interviews as a research method differ from normal interviews in that they are standardized and meet certain scientific criteria. This way, we make sure that all our interviews measure the right feedback in a comparable manner.

Usability Testing

In the first step of a usability test, our team will generally create prototypes of a function. UX researchers then gather your input on the prototype in a standardized way. They will usually invite you to perform certain tasks using the prototype and ask you questions during the process, or ask for other kinds of input. Once our researchers have collected your answers and those of all other participants, they then set out to find patterns and analyze the pros and cons of the tested designs. Researchers and designers then work together to improve designs based on your input. If substantial changes are made, this might lead to a second round of usability testing. Therefore, our researchers might invite you to another testing session. At this stage, we only work with this method remotely via Zoom.

Other Methods

Depending on the problem to be solved, we sometimes also use other methods such as online surveys or workshops. They all have in common that they rely on your participation and your expertise as an HR professional to help us build a product that truly serves your needs.

Who are we looking for?
All (potential) Personio users. Personio is used by very different people in very different roles, from administrators, recruiters and HR managers to heads of departments and employees. In our UXR program, we would like to engage with all of our users (depending on the project and functionality we are currently developing or improving). The only requirement is that you have an interest in helping us develop Personio and work in a company with more than five employees.


Our UX Research Team

Hanna-cropped.jpg Personio_AK_Square.png Rathgeb_Caro.jpg
Hanna Schneider
UX Research Lead
Admir Kadic
UX Researcher
Caroline Rathgeb
UX Researcher 
Profile photo for Sarah Profile photo for Romina Battista  

Sarah Avedal-Quintalo
Senior UX Researcher 

Romina Battista
Jr UX Research Operations Manager

Please contact us at if you have any questions regarding our UX research program.




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