First Steps Towards a Product Partnership With Personio

This article contains a detailed overview of the process of becoming a Personio product partner, including all the relevant information you may need.


The Personio Product Partnership Process

Join the Personio Marketplace and create real value for your customers.

Connect your software solution to Personio, via our open API, and allow your customers to transfer their data automatically between systems. Create direct added value for your customers, expand your product portfolio, and become part of the Personio community. Best of all, we’re here to support you through the entire process.

First, simply fill out the form below. After successful submission, it will be reviewed by our Partner Manager. If your software solution fits Personio and meets our requirements, we will provide you with a developer account and our interface documentation. This will contain detailed information on how to set up the interface. During this time, our Partner Manager is always available to answer your technical questions.

As a Personio Product Partner, you will be listed on the Personio Marketplace website as well as within our software as an integration partner. In addition, you will receive a personal information page, as well. 

On top of that, we inform our existing customers about the new interface to your software in our monthly product newsletter. With selected product partners, we also extend the cooperation to a referral partnership in addition to exploring joint marketing opportunities.


Minimum Requirements

To become a Personio Product Partner, you should meet the following criteria:

  • Your focus is on small and medium-sized businesses.
  • You already have customers using Personio.
  • The interface you develop offers real added value for our mutual customers.
  • You operate in our strategic European markets.
  • You will provide customer support in case of any queries or problems regarding the interface.


The Steps Toward a Product Partnership

The following steps must be completed before you can become a Personio product partner:


  • Fill out the registration form and receive a link to create a free developer account
  • Develop and test the interface
  • The technical quality check
  • Create marketing and support material
  • Announce the integration


1. Fill Out the Registration Form and Get an Extended Test Account

Once you have registered via the form below, and you have passed our evaluation process, we'll provide you with a developer trial account. Please complete the registration form for potential product partners for this purpose.


2. Develop and Test the Interface

It is important that you both comply with the specifications for the individual endpoints and test the interface extensively to ensure that all customer needs are met.

Technical Information for Available Interfaces

Personio has a REST-API with six endpoints that can be used by product partners:

  • employee API
  • attendance API
  • Projects API
  • absence API
  • Documents API
  • recruiting API

No salary data (except Fixed salary 100% and Hourly salary) is currently automatically available via the API endpoints, and no GET retrieval can be carried out using the recruiting endpoint.

If you retrieve data via the employee master data endpoint, all the data (based on the employee filter) will be transferred. We do not currently offer any webhooks.

For further information on the individual API endpoints, please refer to the following:

Refer to the FAQs, listed at the end of this article, which include a list of the interface functions that are important to our customers.


3. The Technical Quality Check

To ensure high-quality product integration and interfaces for our customers, the successful completion of the technical quality check is a prerequisite for us to list you as an official Personio product partner.

To do so, please contact us via after you have completed the development of the interface. Our colleagues from the Partner Management Team will then contact you regarding team coordination.

During the technical quality check, we will check the interface functionalities, including the following:

  • An autonomous activation process for customers
  • The interface's configuration options
  • Automated filter options
  • A live example of data transmission


4. Create Marketing and Support Materials

We require information from all of our product partners so that we can offer our customers comprehensive information about you.

Please fill in the Google Form so that we can list you as a Product Partner at and in our Help Center.

Note: we require the English version only. Please fill out our glossary section, so we have the correct translations for our content in German, Spanish, Dutch, French or Italian, when applicable


Frequently Asked Questions on Personio Product Partnerships

How can I get information on changes to the API structure or newly available attributes?
Sign up for Personio's Product Newsletter to receive all the relevant information about the API and all other Personio functions.
What functions and/or settings are important when developing an interface and need to be taken into account?
Check the individual API endpoints' specifications. One basic functionality is that the transfer of employee data can only start after the Employee hire date and will stop on the Termination date.
Another basic function is that the customer can use the user-defined field Include in transfer to xy? (Yes/No) to exclude employees from the data transfer.
I have specific detailed questions that are not answered in the technical documentation. Who can I contact about this?
if you have any questions, contact our Partner Management Team at



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