Creating Contract Offers for eSignature (Beta)


This article explains how to send an employment offer with a contract to a successful candidate as part of the recruitment process and request the necessary signatures from all parties electronically. To initiate the e-signature process, use contract templates with placeholders for the signatures. 

Please note that this function is currently in beta testing. See this article for details on the beta test and how you can participate.


Creating a Document Template with Signature Placeholders

In order to use electronic signatures, you need to create a contract template with signature placeholders. You can use any common word processing software (e.g. MS Office or OpenOffice) and upload the file in .doc, .docx, .odt or .ott format. See this article for more information.

If you would like to use electronic signatures with existing templates, you have to adjust and upload them again per the instructions below.

Create the placeholder in the template by entering @@ before and after the designation. You can add any number of signers to the document and choose their designation freely. If a signer should sign in more than one place, be consistent in naming them. You can only have one unique placeholder designation per signer, e.g. @@Candidate@@ or @@Recruiter@@. The placeholders for the e-signatures determine exactly where the candidate or any other party should sign.

Leave sufficient blank lines where you want the e-signatures to go to allow enough space. We recommend a minimum of two blank lines after the placeholder (tested in Arial font size 11).

For the e-signature function to work, the template must contain at least one other placeholder (e.g. {{first_name}}) next to the signature placeholder. 

Then upload the contract template by navigating to Settings > Documents > Add template. Define under Who will sign first? the order in which the different signatories should be requested to sign. You can see directly how many signature placeholders there are in the document for each signatory.  

When uploading, be sure to select the category Work contracts, so that the template becomes available in the Recruiting area where the offer is created. 


Sending Out an Employment Offer with an E-Signature

To send an offer to candidates and request the signatures of all parties electronically, go to Recruiting > Applicant profile > Offers > Create offer > Create offer with contract. Select a template with signature placeholders. Now fill in the other placeholders within the document. After you have saved it, the file can be sent to the applicant. To request e-signatures, click on Send contract with e-signature.


The overview shows the order in which requests are sent to the signers, as per the template settings previously made under Settings > Documents. Select the applicant and any applicable responsible employees who need to sign the document. You may add a note for the signers in the Comment field. It will be included in the email request that is sent to them.

Please note that neither the email request nor the comment will be stored under the Messages tab in the applicant profile.


Signing the Contract Digitally

Once you send the offer, the request process with the signers is initiated. In the applicant profile, the offer status changes from Created to Pending. You can check View offer to see where the process is at and whether any signatures are still outstanding. See this article to learn more about creating, editing and managing employment offers in Personio.


This is how the signature process works:

  • The first signer receives an email notification with the contract template, the request to sign it digitally and, if applicable, the personalized note. The contract can be signed on the computer using the mouse or trackpad. Alternatively, the signer may scan the QR code with their smartphone or tablet and sign the contract directly on their mobile device.
  • Clicking on Options allows the signer to download the contract or to reject the signature. In this case, the status of the requested e-signature (in the offer overview within the applicant profile) will change to Rejected and the request process for any further signatories will stop.
  • If the first signer has put their signature in the document and confirmed (and has also accepted the general terms and notes on safety), they can send the document. In the applicant profile, the status of the signature changes from Pending to Signed. The document is then sent to the next signatory (including the e-signatures that have been added so far).
  • Once all parties have signed the contract in the defined order, they receive an email with the fully signed copy of the contract. The signed file is also stored in the applicant profile. 
  • All you have to do now is change the status of the offer to Offer accepted and select the position to be closed.

Please note that the person requesting the signatures will not be notified about the status of the e-signatures unless they are also a signatory. This information is only available under the Offer tab in the applicant profile.

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