In this article, you will learn how to integrate CodeSubmit with Personio. Read on for an overview of all necessary prerequisites.

Activate from the Marketplace: We have improved the activation flow for this integration. You can now start the activation from the Marketplace. For more information, visit our article Activate Integrations from the Marketplace.


What is CodeSubmit?

CodeSubmit makes it easy to test software developers' programming skills. The application offers specially developed take-home tasks that can be individually adapted to 50+ programming languages and frameworks. Alternatively, you can conveniently upload your own, existing take-home tests to the platform. CodeSubmit supports you in selecting the best qualified candidates and assembling your dream engineering team.

CodeSubmit is the easiest way to find software developers, back and front end developers, data scientists, mobile developers and engineering leads.


How can I set up the Integration of CodeSubmit and Personio?

Create a custom invitation link in the CodeSubmit dashboard. Copy the invitation link and send it to candidates in Personio.


You can also transfer job openings from your Personio account to CodeSubmit. To do this, go to the "Talent" area and click on "Import from ATS". Next, enter your Personio Jobs URL. Clicking on "Import", and you are ready to transfer jobs.



Which Data is Transferred?

Your candidates' first names, last names and email addresses will be transferred to CodeSubmit. All candidate information is deleted after 6 months in order to comply with European data protection regulations.


How Much Does it Cost?

CodeSubmit offers a range of payment plans starting from €45 per month (annual payment). Additionally, you can set up an individual, customized membership with your account manager. For more details on our pricing, click here:

Who Should I Contact at CodeSubmit?

For any questions related to your Personio / CodeSubmit integration, feel free to reach out to CodeSubmit's support at




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