How to Configure Company Shortcuts for the Dashboard


This article explains how to configure company shortcuts in Settings. Company shortcuts are links to external websites, such as your company website, that are displayed on your employees' Personio dashboard.

Go to Settings > ORGANIZATION AND PEOPLE > Dashboard, and use the button Add shortcut to add up to five links to external websites..


The following properties can be configured:

  • Icon: Select a suitable symbol for your link from the drop-down menu under Icon.
  • Title: Enter a title for the shortcut (30 characters maximum). This will be displayed on the dashboard together with the icon.
  • URL: Now enter the URL the shortcut should link to.

Note Links are validated via a DNS (Domain Name System) check. If the check is unsuccessful, the URL will be considered invalid and will be rejected. In this case, the shortcut cannot be saved.
This can be a reason for internal company URLs (e.g. pages within your intranet) to be rejected.

The Company shortcuts section only becomes visible on your employees' dashboard once at least one link has been added. See this article for more information about the dashboard.




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