Why Is the CV Parsing for a Resume Not Working?


Should you have trouble manually importing applicant data from a resume using our CV Parsing function, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • The resume is not in PDF or DOCX format.
  • Key candidate details such as the name or email address are contained in an image or graphic, or the entire application has been formatted as such (e.g. as a PNG or JPEG file).
  • A ready-made template was used for the CV (e.g. from Microsoft Word).
  • The CV is a scanned file, rather than an original PDF file.
  • Key candidate details are contained in the document header or footer.
  • Candidate details are presented in a table or multi-column format.
  • The font size is smaller than or equal to 8 pt.
  • Uncommon font styles have been used, e.g. expanded spacing or small caps.
  • Graphics have been used instead of text, e.g. company logos, or for professional development trainings.
  • Competencies such as language or IT skills have been presented with graphics (bar charts, asterisks or similar).


Personio's integrated CV parser converts resume files into plain text to extract the information. Cases such as the above make the conversion more difficult, and you may have to enter details manually in the applicant profile.



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