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This article will give you an overview of your job openings' job details, which you can view for each job posting via Recruiting > Job overview > View job details



The Title Text of the Job Opening

The Job details title gives you the most important details about the job posting at a glance: the job title of the vacant position, the relevant subcompany, the location, the number of open positions and the posting's creation date. By clicking on the title text of the job posting, you can access the Applications list



  • Documents: If you have uploaded an internal PDF description for the job posting, the Documents button will be displayed. These documents are not published. It is currently only possible to upload one document per language for each job posting.

    If you would like to upload several documents, you can go into edit mode, click on the language selection drop-down menu and select another language. You will then be able to add an additional document for this new language.

  • Duplicate job position: Click on Duplicate job position to create an identical job posting. With the exception of candidate information, all the information from the original job posting will be copied into the duplicate. 
  • Edit: Clicking on Edit allows you to access the job posting's editing mode. This allows you to edit the job description, the meta information and the About us section. You can also add links to the job opening as it appears on your career page and to the application form. Editing mode also allows you to delete or archive the job posting. 
  • Publish/Unpublish: Depending on the status of your job posting, you will see either the Publish or the Unpublish button. These allow you to either publish your job posting online or to unpublish an already published posting without deleting it.  



You can enter one or more vacancies for the advertised role. Click on the pencil icon to edit them. For each individual position, the required hire date and an additional title or comment can be added. Each newly created position is automatically labeled as Open.

If the recruiting process results in the position being filled, that is, you go to the candidate profile, Create offer and then select Offer accepted, this label changes from Open to Filled. If you have created several vacant positions, you can decide which of them you would like to assign the selected applicant to. The filled position remains in your account for your records, but cannot be filled again. 



You can add the recruiting team responsible for the position in this section. Select the appropriate employees and allocate their areas of responsibility. 

Please note that setting up the responsible persons and their roles will affect the position's access rights. Employees who have been added to a job opening as Responsibles will be able to view all the applications received for the position.

You can also use the recruiting roles to give an employee access to selected candidate profiles without making them one of the persons responsible for the position. They will then not be listed in the Job details. Find out here how this works. 


Channel Performance

You can use the Channel performance section to get an overview of just how effective each application channel is for your job posting. The pie chart is continuously updated and shows which channels attract the highest and lowest number of applications, as well as which phase of the process these candidates are currently in. By clicking on Phase, you can select which application phases should be considered in this evaluation. Thanks to the chart, you can quickly check whether some channels are better than others at generating candidates who progress to the later stages of your application process.



The Applications chart shows you how many applications you have received for your job opening during the selected time period. You can choose to view a period of either four or eight weeks. If you would like to evaluate a longer period of time, you can do so using the applications report



You can publish your job posting on various external job portals using the Post on job portals button. You can also use the Share with tracking link option. Learn more about publishing your posting in this article

Under Active Channels and Paused Channels, you can see which job portals you are currently advertising on, and where you have stopped postings or had them expire. Click on each job portal to see further details on your postings (e.g. the costs, start and end dates and the tracking URL). By clicking on the red cross, you can remove a channel and stop the job postings. You can find more information about the status of job openings in this article.

Click on the blue arrow icon next to Advertise to preview your job posting. 


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