Overview of the Monthly Payroll Process


In this article, we will provide you with an overview of the monthly payroll process in cooperation with a Personio partner accountant. Find here all details about respective deadlines as well as responsibilities.


Data Maintenance in Personio

At the end or the start of a month, the following data in Personio is checked and updated as necessary:

  • Employee master data
  • New hires / leaving employees
  • Salary increases
  • One-time payments
  • Work schedules / Weekly working hours
  • Absences (incl. documents)

Your accountant also updates the following data (if so agreed / depending on access rights):

  • Tax-relevant information (tax class, child allowance and religious denomination)
  • Social insurance attributes (Social Insurance Group Key and Social Contribution Key)

You can verify in Payroll whether the data for your employees and new hires is complete. Any missing details are marked with a red dot so that they can be identified quickly.

Deadlines: Details on new hires and leaving employees should be entered into Personio as early as possible (ideally), but at the latest by the 10th of the month. All other changes should be made as agreed, but by the 15th at the latest.


Validation of Data Changes

To ensure a high level of data quality for your payroll, your responsible accountant checks the payroll-relevant data for completeness and correctness before exporting. The following attributes are therefore given particular attention:

  • Social Insurance Group Key and Social Contribution Key (see further information here)
  • Tax class, marital status and child allowance
  • Main or secondary job
  • Absences and related documents


Your accountant will begin validating the data from the 11th of the month or as soon as you give them the go-ahead.

For more information on the process and responsibilities related to changes to payroll-relevant data, click here.  


(DATEV) Exports from Personio

On the agreed date, your accountant exports the relevant data for payroll from Personio themselves using their external employee profile and associated access rights.

Deadlines: Depending on whether you and your accountant have agreed to do a draft run first, the deadline for the export varies. Since data is entered and updated by the 15th of the month, the export usually takes place on the 16th.


Data Import into the Payroll System

Your accountant imports the data that was exported from Personio into their payroll system and checks one last time to make sure it is correct. If questions arise or anything is unclear, they will contact you directly. Then, the (draft) payroll is created.


Draft Payroll

A draft payroll allows you to do a final check of the salary data before the actual payroll is run. If any data needs to be adjusted, this should be coordinated with your accountant. More complex adjustments may not be reflected until the following month. 

Deadlines: The draft payroll is created directly after the data import and before the final payroll. Usually, one to two days are scheduled for the draft run, and another one to two for the review and final approval.


Final Payroll

Your accountant will do the final payroll after the data has been imported or, if applicable, following the draft payroll. After one last check, you give the approval to your accountant so they can provide you with the necessary documents. 

Deadlines: The final payroll is run around the 20th to 25th of the month, as per agreement.


Uploading Payslips and Other Payroll-Relevant Documents

After the final payroll run, the payslips and other employee and employer documents will be available to you in Personio. Your accountant will distribute the payslips and other relevant employee documents to the respective employees' Documents

You can find more detailed information on the documents transmitted via the interface here.


Availability of Other Payroll-Relevant Documents

Other payroll-relevant documents are available in Personio at various times, depending on availabilities and deadlines, or can be uploaded by your accountant.



  • Payroll journals, the cost report, the remittance file and the accounting report are uploaded to your documents at the same time as the payslips.
  • Social security registrations are uploaded individually to the employees' documents, at the latest with their first payroll.
  • The accountant transmits the contribution statements on the due date (on the fifth to the last banking day of the month) and then uploads them into Personio.
  • The registration with the tax office is done by the 10th of the following month at the latest, after which the file is made available.




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