Who Do I Contact for Which Questions?


This article explains who you can contact with questions regarding specific topics having to do with Personio and your payroll.

If you can't find the topic you're after in the overview and are unsure who to contact, please get in touch with our Service team, who will be happy to help.


Overview of Topics and Contacts

Topic Sub-topic Contact person
Contract/plan Price negotiations, downgrading and upgrading your Personio plan Personio Growth
Price negotiations for your monthly accounts and additional services for your monthly payroll Your accountant contact
Personio HRM Setting up your Personio account (employee data, offices, departments) Personio Service
Attendances and absences
Onboarding and offboarding
Document Templates
Recruiting hiring and management
Employee roles / approvals 
Preliminary Payroll
Personio payroll preparation Defining and setting up compensation types
Defining sections and assigning attributes
Payroll attributes  Defining and setting up attributes
Changing attributes in the system
Assigning values to attributes
External account and access rights Creating an external employee profile for an external payroll accountant
Activating access rights
Uploading Personio data Uploading general data to Personio
Uploading absence data
Creating reminders


Activating the DATEV LODAS EXPORT and assigning attributes Personio Service
Technical questions regarding exports
Exporting the DATEV LODAS EXPORT for payroll Your accountant contact
Data changes relevant for payroll Quality assurance of data input by you
Changes in fiscal data
Legal questions (e.g. net salary optimization)
Payslips Gross/net salaries
Gross/net remuneration and gross/net deductions
Tax and social security deductions
Reporting dates and deadlines Defining monthly deadlines (e.g. trial accounts and final accounting runs)
Changes for new hires and leaving employees
Uploading absence data
Deadlines for one-off payments (e.g. Christmas and other bonuses)
Payroll documents Monthly payroll documents (payslips, accounting report, contribution statements, transaction file, cost overview, social security registrations and deregistrations, tax registrations)
Social security Registration and deregistration
Completing attributes in Personio (e.g. employee and social security contribution keys)
Data exchange and communications with authorities
Questions regarding contribution statements
Tax Submitting tax liabilities
Registering new employees
Changing tax attributes (e.g. tax class)
Communicating with tax authorities

You should already have received a detailed overview of your accountant contacts during the implementation process. We would be happy to provide this overview again upon request.

Your Personio contact changes depending on the implementation phase you are in at the time of your concern. For new customers, your Implementation Manager is your point of contact for any questions during the implementation phase. For existing customers, please contact your Payroll Account Manager during the implementation phase. If you have any questions after you have completed the software implementation, please contact our Service Team.


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