In this article, you learn how to integrate Back software with Personio. In the following, you will get an overview of all necessary prerequisites and instructions for setting up the integration via the Personio employee data API.


What is Back?

Back is a modern, collaborative workflow software that helps internal service teams to manage all employee requests and to automate responses to repetitive questions.


How can I set up the integration of Back and Personio?

Starting with the Essential Plan, you can connect one integration partner of your choice. If you would like to use more than one integration partner, this is possible from the Professional Plan onwards.

To set up the integration of Back and Personio, you need the following information from your Personio account:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret

To get the Client ID and Client Secret, navigate to Settings > API > Credentials. Select Generate new credentials.


Then the download of a file containing your credentials for the interface starts automatically.


Please note that the Generate new credentials command invalidates your previous credentials.

Now log into your Back app ( and select Integrations in your settings. In the line for Personio, click on Connect.


Please import the previously downloaded file under Upload credentials.


The Personio status will automatically change to Connected.



What data will be transferred?

Back is accessing the Personio API to retrieve all relevant employee information from the Employee Directory. Back is able to retrieve all attributes listed below but the admin can control the level of information that is transferred to Back.

Under ideal circumstances, Back retrieves and stores

  • First name *

  • Last name *

  • E-Mail *

  • Status

  • Gender

  • Position *

  • Department *

  • Location *

  • Supervisor *

  • Hire date *

  • Vacation day balance *

  • Last modified

  • Created_at

Fields marked with * are displayed in the Back interface (when available). All other fields are either used only for internal purposes or are currently not used.


What are the costs?

  • Pricing starts at €40 per expert and month. Discounts are available for larger teams and upfront annual payment.
  • Personio customers are eligible for a 4-week free trial (instead of 2 weeks).


Who do I contact at Back?

To book a free demo of the platform, please send an email to or submit your contact details on The Back team will be happy to assist you with the set-up, onboarding and Personio integration. If you have any technical questions, please contact the Back customer support in the lower right corner of your Back app.


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