How Can I Set Up Part-Time Work During Parental Leave?


You can use Personio to keep track of any employees who want to work part-time during their parental leave. These employees' accounts should not be set to Leave, as would normally be the case during parental leave, as this status would prevent the correct calculation of salary payments and vacation entitlements. You should instead give employees who work part-time during their parental leave the account status Active in Personio. This will ensure that their entitlement to salary and vacation days corresponds to their reduced working hours.

Click here for detailed information on configuring standard parental leave.

If an employee changes from full parental leave to part-time parental leave, remember to enter the end date of the employee's time on leave so that their profile in the system automatically reverts to Active at the right time. If required, be sure to adjust the absence calendar accordingly.


Adjusting the Work Schedule

To set up part-time parental leave for an employee, first make sure that they have a suitable working hour schedule; that is, one that reflects their reduced working hours and the agreed working days per week. You can find a detailed description of how to create and assign work schedules in this article.

Please note that each employee's selected work schedule has a direct effect on their leave entitlement calculation.

When setting up part-time parental leave, it is therefore very important to take the following two aspects into account:

  1. Be sure to enter the Reference value for the prorated vacation calculation correctly when creating a work schedule for part-time parental leave so that the employee's leave entitlement can be recalculated. 




  2. Select the correct start date for the part-time employment when adding the schedule to the Employee profile. This can also be scheduled for a date in the future. The future change will then be displayed under Working days & weekly hours > Options button > Further details, where it can be edited or deleted if necessary. 




Adjusting the Weekly Hours

The next step is to adjust the Weekly hours attribute in the Employee profile. This is very important, because changing the weekly hours has a direct effect on the employee's salary and their FTE value. Make sure that you enter the correct date for the change. Find out here how to enter this date retroactively in the History.

If you are using the Automation Plus add-on, you can schedule the reduction in weekly hours for a future date of your choice. To do this, click on Schedule change instead of Edit


You can then check the changes to salary and leave entitlement in the Salary and Absence tabs of the employee profile. You can also follow the adjustments to salary and weekly hours in the History tab.


Creating New Part-Time Attributes 

To enable a clearer overview, we recommend that you enter some additional employee attributes for part-time parental leave. For example, you could list these under Employee profile > Information > HR information, directly beneath the information on the employee's children. Learn here how to create new attributes. 


In our example, we have created three different attributes: the start and end date of the part-time work and a text field for additional information. It is of course up to you which information you would like to include.

When you use attributes in date format, you also have the option of setting reminders. Click here for further information on this topic.




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