Tracking Working Hours with the Personio App


In this article, you will learn how to record working hours using the Personio App. See The Personio App: Basic Functions for further information on other functionalities of the app.

▶︎ Time tracking via the Personio app is only available to those employees who have been given
access rights (proposal level) to attendance tracking in Personio and are also active users of the app.
▶︎ If you have activated two-factor authentication via the employee roles, you will not (currently) be able to use the Personio App.


Recording Working Hours Using the Start/Stop Button

The latest version of the Personio app (from 13.02.2020) allows time tracking straight from your app dashboard. The hours are then recorded in your Personio account. Click the button Record now to start the tracking. 


The function runs in the background until you open the app again and click the Stop button. A window then opens displaying the times already entered for that day and providing the option to add break times, projects, and a comment. 

Click Submit to transfer the hours you entered to your Personio account. This will trigger any approval process that may have been set up. If your company is tracking overtime, the time that exceeds the hours that normally apply to you will be displayed on the app dashboard.

This way, you can document your entire workday at once, or as separate time windows that you may have spent on different projects, for example. For each of these time windows, a new entry is created in the attendance overview, and an approval process is triggered.


Recording Manually

An alternative to the Start/Stop button is to record your working hours using the Plus button within the app. To do this, simply click on the menu item Record time. This opens an input mask through which you can submit your working hours.

Note, this can also be done retroactively by selecting the desired date under When?


Display of the Recorded Hours in Your Personio Account

To see the recorded working hours in your account, log into the desktop version of Personio and go to My Profile > Attendance


The working hours are taken over according to the app entries and are displayed as follows:

  • If the workday is recorded as a whole, i.e. by entering one start and end time with a break, Personio creates two blocks of time – one from the start time to the beginning of the break, and one from the end of the break to when your workday has finished. The break appears as a block of time between the working hours.
  • If you use the Start/Stop function to enter several time periods per day, so you can, for example, be assigned to different projects, then each block will be listed separately, and the total hours for the day are shown at the top, above the recorded blocks.
  • If an approval process has been set up, the working hours entered via the app will also initially have the status Pending. Once approval has been given, the status changes to Approved.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I record my work times in the Personio App?
Time tracking with the Personio App is only enabled if you have, at a minimum, proposal rights for the Attendance area in your own Personio profile, are running the latest version of the Personio App, and after an update have newly logged into the app.
What happens if I forget to check out?
In the event that you forget to press the Stop button, the recording will automatically end at 12:00am. The time period is not saved in Personio. Instead, when you next log in, you will see a warning on your dashboard that the times for that day still have to be entered.
Can I also record times that go across several days and, for example, include evening hours?
This can be done by entering two time periods: from when you start work until 12:00am, and from 12:01am until you finish. As the recording stops automatically at 12:00am, you have to start another recording after that time. 
Can I view or edit my work time entries in the app?
No. To get an overview of your attendance, or if you would like to edit the recorded times, log in as usual on your desktop. There is currently no overview or edit option available in the app.
Can I approve my employees' attendance hours within the app?
No, that function is not currently available. Approval processes can only be carried out in the desktop version of Personio.




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