Absence type categories


This article explains the functionalities of the absence categories allocated to your absence types.


Absence categories

When creating and adjusting absence types in Settings > Absences, you can choose between the following absence categories:

Absence category Description
Paid vacation Paid leave from work for recreational purposes.
Parental leave Unpaid leave from work that enables an employee to look after their young child.
Voluntary military service Leave from work for the purpose of voluntary military service.
Home office The employee does not work in the office but rather from home or while traveling.
Individual prohibition of employment (pregnancy) Additional protection period for pregnant employees to avoid risk to mother and child.
Sick leave Paid leave from work due to health problems.

Nursing care for relatives (short-term)

Paid leave of absence for up to 10 days for planning and making arrangements in case of a sudden need for nursing care of a close family member.

Nursing care for relatives (long-term release)

Complete or partial discontinuation of employment for up to six months in order to care for a close relative in need of nursing care in a domestic environment. See also §§ 3, 4 PflegeZG.

Paid leave for sick child

Leave from work to care for your own children under 12 years of age in case of illness. Compensation is regulated in the employment contract

Leave due to sick child (unpaid)

Unpaid leave from work to care for your own children under 12 years of age in case of illness.

Maternity protection period General protection period for pregnant or breastfeeding employees.
Rehabilitation measures Procedures and treatments for medical and occupational rehabilitation and social reintegration.
Strike (lawful) A lawful refusal to work organized by a representative of the workforce.
Strike (unlawful) An unlawful refusal to work organized by a representative of the workforce.
Unpaid vacation Unpaid leave from work for recreational purposes.
Unexcused absence (unpaid) Absence from work without further explanation or notification.
Other paid leave Any absence that does not fit into the given categories. Applicable, for example, for business trips, further training, time off in lieu, educational leave, and special leave.


Absence category functions

In the current version, the absence categories have a limited functional impact on the creation and management of absences. Of course, we are continuously working on expanding the absence category functions for all relevant Personio modules.

If you select the Home office category for your absence type, this will affect the following functions:

  • If an absence with the assigned category Home office is entered for an employee, the employee can still be selected as a substitute for colleague absence requests during this period.
  • If your company has activated calendar integration for absences and automatically transfers absences into personal calendars (Google Calendar, Microsoft Office Calendar), entries assigned to the absence type category Home office will not be transferred into personal calendars.

Please note that the absence categories Unpaid vacation and Unexcused absence (unpaid) currently have no effect on the fixed salary or other salary components.


Assign absence categories

Define an absence category for your existing absence types in Settings > Absence > General settings. You can select from the existing 14 categories.


Please note that it is mandatory to assign an absence category and, after creating or adjusting an absence type, it will only be possible to save it if a category has been assigned.

Click here for further information on the general settings for absence types and on defining accrual policies.




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