HR Challenges Due to COVID-19: Organizing Personio Correctly


Coronavirus and working from home: Here, you will find some tips on how your Personio account can support you in the organization and which settings you should review.

If a lot of employees simultaneously work from home for a longer period of time, this has an immediate impact on internal HR processes. In this article, you will find some practical tips on how to use your Personio account to meet the challenges of COVID-19.

You can find out how each individual employee should optimally prepare for and behave while working from home in our HR Knowledge Blog.



  Function To Do Description
Recruiting Update your email templates

Many companies are deciding not to conduct on-site interviews anymore, instead opting for video conferences. If you decide to make significant changes to your recruitment process, do not forget to adapt the email templates you use for applicant communication accordingly. This will keep your correspondence efficient and your candidates informed.

Recruiting Don't miss out on specials offered by job portals

More and more job portals are currently offering free job ads for systemically relevant jobs. These specials can also be accessed directly via Personio's multi-posting function. Visit this overview for comprehensive information about current offers, including associated conditions.

Please contact our customer service if you would like to take part in this initiative.

Onboarding Update your onboarding templates If a large part of your workforce is working from home, the onboarding of new hires might not function in the usual way. So, be sure to review your onboarding processes and make any necessary adjustments.
Absence management Set up "Home office" as an absence type If not already available, we recommend setting up a "Home office" absence type. Also, make sure that your employees have the necessary rights to enter home office times and to view the corresponding absences in the calendar.
Absence management Record sick days using Personio Make sure that there is an absence type for recording sick days in your account. Encourage your employees to report sick days via Personio (this is also possible, for example, using the Personio app) and upload their absence certificates to their accounts. The seamless recording of absences serves as the basis for later data evaluations using the report functions.
Employee Information Create an information overview in the employee profile Use sections and attributes to make it easier for your employees to access important information. Create a new section in the employee profile called, for example, "Corona information". Then add attributes and use them to provide links to important internal documentation or status updates. 
  • Link: Internal home officing guidelines
  • Link: WHO infection prevention recommendations
  • Multi-line text field: Internal contact person
  • Tags: Preventive home quarantine currently applies to the following departments: HR, Marketing, Sales, etc.
  • Date: Estimated end of quarantine (💡 you can create reminders for this date field)


Once you have created them, you can fill out the attributes quickly and easily using a data import or the employee list mass editing function.

Reports Use reports to keep track of absences Reports make it easier for you to keep track of employee absences: Use the Absence days system report for this, or create a custom report to meet your requirements.


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