How Do I Set Up Home Office in Personio?


If your employees would like to or are required to work from home, this can be managed in the Absences area of Personio. The following are our recommended steps for reflecting home office days in the system.

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Setting Up Home Office as an Absence Type in Personio

Under Settings > Absences, use the plus button to add the absence type Home Office. Then configure the settings. See the screenshot below for our recommended settings:


More details on the configuration:

  • Category: With regard to calendar integration, if the absence category Home Office is selected, the respective absence entries are not transferred to the personal calendar. This means employees in home office will be displayed to their colleagues as available. They can also still be selected as substitutes for other absences.
  • Requests for half days: Determine whether or not you want to allow half-day requests.
  • Substitute request: A substitute is not required for home office, as the employee is working as usual.
  • Allow employees substituting for someone to request this absence: As home office doesn't have an impact on a possible substitution during leave absences, we recommend applying this setting.
  • Validity settings: Select the standard work schedule for your company.
  • Consider attendance days during absence periods as overtime: Because your employees have normal working hours and do not work overtime, this setting should be deactivated.
  • Enable accrual policies: If your employees have a certain number of home office days available per year, you have the option to build and assign accruals.

Many companies currently fear that they will have to close their offices due to coronavirus and work entirely out of their home office. We, therefore, do not recommend building accruals for the home office absence type. This way, your employees can enter whatever time period in their Personio account they need.


Access Rights and Approval Processes

After you have configured the absence type, check the access rights of each employee role for Absences / Home Office. If you would like home office absences to be visible to the entire company, the role All employees should be assigned proposal rights at a minimum.

If, for example, a supervisor should confirm the home office request, you should also set up an approval process under Settings > Approvals > Home Office. Administrators can skip this part and enter absences directly for all employees.


Importing Home Office Periods for All Employees

If in the case of a prescribed home office period you would like to enter this absence type for all employees collectively, you can do this via a bulk import. Visit this Helpcenter article to find an import template along with detailed instructions.


Viewing Home Office in the Calendars

So that your employees can see which of their colleagues are working from home, we recommend that you activate the notification in the general absence calendar. You can do this under Settings > Calendar > Absences.

To enable your employees to be able to see whether their colleagues are indeed absent or in their home office, we recommend that you go to Settings > Employee roles > Calendar and assign global access for the absence type Home office to the All employees role.

Please do not choose the Home Office absence type in the Company (Absence) Calendar. Otherwise, Home Office cannot be distinguished from the other absence types.


Activating Calendar Integration

To synchronize absence periods that have been entered and confirmed in the system with your company calendar, we recommend activating the calendar integration for absences. The absence category Home Office is thereby an exception and not part of the integration. As employees working from home still need to be shown as being available to their colleagues, absence entries for the Home Office category are not transferred to the personal calendar.


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