Checklist: Setting Up and Troubleshooting SMTP Settings

This article contains a checklist to use when setting up the SMTP settings for email communications with candidates. It also identifies some possible sources of error that could hinder the set-up process. 

Setting Up the SMTP Settings 

Click here for a detailed article on setting up your SMTP settings. 

 Set up an automatic redirection for your recruiting address

Store your company's recruiting email address in the Personio settings (Settings > Recruiting > General > Recruiting email settings > Use custom email address? Yes > Your domains > Custom email address)

Have the SMTP server set up by your IT department

Potential Sources of Error When Setting Up the SMTP Settings 

Click here for a detailed article on potential sources of error when setting up your SMTP settings. 

Is your recruiting email address a fully licensed email address? 

Have you added the Personio Recruiting IP addresses, and
to your whitelist?

Have you enabled the connection to external applications (less secure apps)?

We recommend involving your internal IT department. You can find an email template to forward to your IT department here. Please adapt the email template to include your company information. 


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