What Happens to Reapplications in Personio?


This article explains the options available to you in Personio if a candidate reapplies to you.


Option 1: Reapplication After a Rejection/Refusal

If a candidate reapplies to you (after a rejection or refusal), their application will go into your Personio Recruiting Inbox or in the first phase of the job posting you created, as usual.


Option 2: Reapplication 

a) Via Email

If a candidate reapplies directly via email, the new application will first land in your recruiting inbox in Personio. The Personio inbox and the candidate profile will display a corresponding warning that a repeat application has been received. In the next step, you can decide to assign the candidate either to the same position (already assigned) or to another position that you are advertising.

In the candidate profile itself, you will find a list of all the jobs that the candidate is applying for:


b) Via Application Form

You can only reapply via the form if there are two different job openings. The candidate profile is created for both positions as described above, with a corresponding note in the profile.


Option 3: Assignment to Another Job Position

You have the option of combining applications that have been received twice. To do this, go to the drop down menu at the top right of the candidate profile, where you usually change the current phase. At the bottom of the list, you can select Reassign > Assign To Another Position. To complete the action, select the other position you have already created to assign to the candidate.


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