How Can I Review Job Openings Before Publication on External Job Portals?

Personio offers the option of having a preview of your job openings on external job portals displayed. This allows you to check whether the job ad created in Personio reflects what you want so you can make final corrections before publishing the job opening.


Job Openings Preview

To have a preview of your job opening displayed, go to the recruiting section, access the job opening to be published and click on View job details.

Click on the Post on job portals button to have the available job portals listed, including prices and scopes of services. You'll find the Preview button at the bottom right of the window. Click on the button to see what the job opening will look like once it has been posted.


You can now either edit the job ad or continue with the multi-posting process. To make changes, if required, click on Back to the job opening > Edit.


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