The Personio Support Hub

In this article, you will get to know all the functions of the Support Hub that are directly integrated into your Personio account, such as how to access the Helpcenter, start product tours or send a message to our Customer Service team.


Help Center

Having issues with something in your Personio account, or would you like to find out how you can adjust a certain setting in Personio? You can search for and read articles via the Helpcenter in the Support Hub without having to open another window in your browser.

Please note that this function is currently only available for German-language articles. However, in the Helpcenter itself, almost all the articles are also available in English.


Product Updates

Never miss out on any new features: In the Product Updates section, you will find all the information on new features in your account. A blue dot will appear next to the signpost button to alert you of any new updates.



The Personio Community is your place, where you can meet other Personio users and benefit from their valuable practical experience (currently available in German only). Go to the Support Area to ask our service team questions about anything to do with Personio, or discuss possible solutions in the HR Think Tank. Visit Events & Trainings for exclusive insights into product development, for example through our Digital User Group Meeting.

Have you just started using Personio and would like to know more about basic settings? Go to the Implementation section to find out more. 


Interactive Tours

Administrators can get to know Personio even better by using our interactive tours. Track your progress in the tours, which are grouped by topic, and become a Personio expert one step at a time.

The quality check tours allow you to check your Personio account settings for consistency and completeness.



Our implementation managers will explain Personio to you – whenever you want! Watch our themed webinars at any time and go through the account setup process again in detail.


Request Support

Are you unable to find the answers to your questions, or do you want to report a bug? Send us a message using the contact form that is integrated into the Support Hub. This will be sent straight to our service mailbox, and you will receive support as quickly as possible during our service hours.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Who has access to the Support Hub?
The Support Hub is visible to all employees who have access to at least one section of the account settings. The menu items that are displayed vary in accordance with the access rights of different employee roles: The Helpcenter is always displayed, you will receive the product updates that are relevant for your account, administrators have access to the in-app tours and webinars, and anyone entitled to receive support can use the contact form to contact our service team. 
Why am I not able to view the Personio Support Hub?
If you cannot see the signpost icon in your account, this may be due to one of the following possible reasons: 
  • Your employee role in Personio does not give you sufficient access rights. 
  • An ad blocker in your browser is blocking the display of the Support Hub. You can solve this issue by allowing the Pendo app to run in your ad blocker.
  • You have disabled Pendo (and Userlane) via i > Data Privacy Statement > Third-party providers. Enable those fields and save the settings.


Can't find what you're looking for?

We are happy to help you! Just write us a message with your questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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