Frequently Asked Questions about the DATEV Integration


The following article answers frequently asked questions about DATEV integration. For general information about using the export, please refer to this Helpcenter article


How long does it take to set up the DATEV integration?

For existing customers, setting up DATEV integration only takes about four hours on average. This step is supported by our Professional Service Team. Your accountant will also need to authorize the integration. Read this article to find out how this is done. For further information, please use our contact form to get in touch with your Customer Growth Manager.

Is the interface compatible with all DATEV payroll applications?

The interface between Personio and DATEV is compatible with the payroll programs DATEV LODAS and DATEV Lohn und Gehalt. Note that for the successful use of the DATEV integration with Lohn und Gehalt a minimum of version 11.65 of Lohn und Gehalt is required. For more information on the available program versions, see Info-Dok. 1021721.

Is data encrypted for the transfer between Personio and DATEV??

Both DATEV and Personio see data security as a top priority. Data is TLS-encrypted according to current standards (A+ rating) for transmission, and both providers conduct regular technical tests of their interface.

Does the activation of DATEV payroll programs in Personio replace the regular export of preliminary payroll in .xls format?

Even if you activate the DATEV export, you can still download your preliminary payroll in .xls format as before. As the DATEV export does not comprise the full scope of information in preliminary payroll, it does not supersede the Excel export altogether. 

Which data is transmitted to DATEV via the integration?

The integration comprises the automated transmission of personnel master data and fixed salaries from Personio to the DATEV data center as well as the transmission of payslips from DATEV to Personio. If you use the DATEV LODAS integration, the transfer of fixed salaries is available in addition to the personnel master data. Personio is continuously expanding this range of functions to include other payroll-related components such as salaries and additional reports and employee documents from DATEV. Please contact your respective Growth Manager for more information.

How can attributes be excluded from the DATEV export?

To exclude attributes from the export, go to Settings > Salary & Payroll > DATEV LODAS/ Lohn & Gehalt integration. Deactivate the attributes you would like to exclude from the export and click on Submit. If you decide later that you would like to include the attributes again, this setting can be changed at any time. . Note that for attributes excluded from the DATEV export, no validation rules are applied to the attribute values. Any errors will then not be flagged in payroll.

Can attributes excluded from the DATEV export be deleted from Personio?

Attributes linked to the DATEV export cannot be deleted from the system. If you wish to hide them from employees, go to Settings > Employee information to move the respective attribute(s) to the DATEV LODAS or DATEV Lohn & Gehalt section and then remove all viewing rights for these attributes in Settings >  Employee roles

An attribute available for DATEV export is not contained in the exported file. What could be the reasons for this?

Please review the following options:
  • Has the attribute been excluded in Settings > Salary & Payroll > DATEV LODAS integration? Only attributes activated in this section are included in the export. (Only relevant for DATEV LODAS)
  • Is the attribute listed in Settings > Salary & Payroll > General ? Attributes must be added to the payroll table if they are to be included in the DATEV export. 
  • Are values maintained in Personio for the attribute? "Blank" values are not included in exports.
If none of the above reasons applies, please contact our Support.

I have maintained values in the DATEV payroll program, but have not yet transferred them to Personio. Does the DATEV export overwrite the information in DATEV with the empty values from Personio?

No, if an attribute in Personio does not contain any content, the existing values in DATEV will not be overwritten. However, if you do not maintain an attribute for any of your employees, it is recommended that you exclude it from the export in Settings > Salary & Payroll > DATEV LODAS integration. If you use DATEV Lohn und Gehalt, a transfer without value is possible and does not overwrite the existing entries in DATEV.

How can employee documents from a DATEV payroll program, e. g. A1-Bescheinigungen or tax certificates, be uploaded to Personio?

To save documents from a DATEV payroll program in Personio and make them available to employees, download them as PDFs and use the Employee Documents (Multiupload) to assign the files to employees. All documents from DATEV will be transferable to Personio via import in the medium term.


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