Using Personio Webinars


This article explains how you can use webinars to configure and familiarize yourself with various functions in Personio.


Personio Webinars for Customers

We offer a number of webinars ranging from 20 to 30 minutes in length to explain Personio's functions with practical, informative examples. 

Our selection of webinars is comprehensive and is a great source of detailed information. We particularly recommend them for customers who are currently implementing Personio. There is a webinar for each implementation step. These are listed in the recommended order. 

The webinars are, of course, also available after Personio has been implemented for anyone who would like to refresh their knowledge or to learn about new functions. 


Where Can I Find the Webinars?


Administrators can find the webinars in our Personio Support Hub after logging into their Personio account. Click on the signpost icon next to your avatar to have the available webinars displayed.

By clicking the desired webinar, a player opens in Personio. You can also watch in full-screen mode.

See your progress in the overview where you'll find completed or started webinars marked with a check.  


Available Webinars in Personio

Personnel Administration

  • Employee Information
  • Company Information
  • Salaries
  • Preliminary Payroll
  • Attendance and Overtime
  • Absences
  • Employee Roles and Access Rights
  • Approvals, Reminders & Calendar
  • Performance Management
  • Configuring On- and Offboarding Processes
  • Document Templates


  • Job Postings
  • Candidate Management
  • Career Page

Please note that any settings shown in the webinars are only suggestions, and you are solely responsible for the settings you choose.


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