This article explains how Firstbird will make recruiting easier for you and what information you will need to integrate it with Personio.


What Is Firstbird?

Firstbird allows companies to give their employees a voice in the recruitment process. The digital "employees recruit employees" program (PC & App iOS/Android) helps people find the right job for them and allows companies worldwide to find the right candidates. Employees become brand ambassadors, with their recommendations being the most successful recruiting channel. You gain easy and cost-efficient access to the passive labor market and can strengthen your employer brand.


How Can I Set Up the Integration of Firstbird and Personio?

You will need three pieces of information from your Personio account to set up the integration of Firstbird and Personio:

  • Company Name
  • Company ID
  • Recruiting API access token

You will find your company account name in your Personio account's URL (


To find your Company ID and the Recruiting API access token, navigate to Settings > API > Credentials.


You can then enter your Company ID, the Recruiting API access token and your Company name into your Firstbird account to integrate it with Personio.

Please be sure to activate the XML feed for your company via Settings > Recruiting > Career page. This allows job postings to be transferred to Firstbird. You can find further information on the XML feed here.


Which Data Is Transferred?

The best way to integrate Firstbird into your Personio system is via an interface. This makes using Firstbird as easy and efficient as possible.

The following data can be synchronized automatically:

  • candidate's first and last name

  • candidate's email address

  • candidate's telephone number, if available

  • attachments and photo, if uploaded

  • Firstbird as the recruiting channel and flag


How Much Does It Cost?

Firstbird charges an annual license fee based on company size.


Who Should I Contact at Firstbird?

Please feel free to get in touch with Firstbird at for an individual consultation or view one of the web demos.


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