Can You Block the Use of the Personio App?


Yes, you can block access to the Personio app for all of your employees.

Of course, we cannot stop your employees from finding the Personio app in an app store and downloading it to their smartphone. However, we can block them from logging in via your Personio account's hostname: This means that your employees will not be able to access their Personio account via the app and log in.

If you decide against company-wide use of the Personio app, we recommend that you communicate this to your employees accordingly, as some may have already logged in to the app and would then be directly affected by a subsequent block.


How Do I Block the App?

As your Personio account's authorized employee, you can send a written request to our Customer Service Team via the contact form. Our Service Team will then disable the use of the app for your entire Personio account within a few hours.


You can find detailed information on data protection in the Personio app here.


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