Personio Posting Bundles – Tailored to your Recruiting Strategy

This article explains how you can use Personio posting bundles to promote positions efficiently and cost-effectively on external job boards. 


What are the Personio Posting Bundles?

Personio posting bundles are bundles of job ads on various job boards that are specifically designed to be used as part of Personio Recruiting. Bundles can be purchased directly from within Personio and are stored in Personio in the form of master contracts. To use Personio posting bundles, you need:

  • the Personio Recruiting package, and
  • a Personio posting bundle subscription. For the posting bundle subscription, you can choose between a 3-month or a 12-month subscription.

As long as the subscription is active, you can promote the postings you have booked. You can also book additional postings and job boards at any time.

For more information about costs and booking options for Personio Posting Bundles, please visit our website


Position-specific Bundles

Personio currently offers a range of leading job boards that have proven to deliver the best response when recruiting candidates and that have been used most widely and successfully by our customers.

Each of these boards has a specific target group. Generalist boards cover all types of work and sectors, usually including specialists and managers. Niche job boards specialize in a particular group of candidates or occupations. To optimally support your recruiting strategy, we offer both generalist and relevant niche boards in the Personio posting bundles. A list of available Personio posting bundles is shown below.

  • Generalist job boards: Stepstone, Monster, Xing, LinkedIn, and Indeed
  • Start-up niche boards (aimed at candidates specifically looking to work for a start-up): Gründerszene and
  • Students and interns niche boards (aimed specifically at candidates for student and other intern positions): Monster Campus and StepStone Intern


Your Benefits with the Personio Posting Bundles

Has your recruiting planning changed on short notice? Do you need to fill a position unexpectedly? For these scenarios, we offer the Personio posting bundles to provide maximum flexibility (subject to the PPB terms of use):

  • Discounted posting bundles: Save up to 45% on your postings.
  • One-stop shop: Personio supports the entire process from buying to booking posting bundles so that you can advertise your postings conveniently from within the tool.
  • Flexible subscription periods: Your recruiting planning might change at short notice, and you prefer not to commit to a longer-term bundle? We offer 3-month or 12-month contract terms so that you can choose the subscription period that best matches your planning. Your bundle contingent will be automatically extended for another term on the renewal date. This allows you to quickly and flexibly adapt your bundle to your changing needs. All you need to do is to give us one month's written notice before the renewal date.
  • Straightforward bundle adjustments: You can increase your bundle subscription at any time to accommodate greater recruiting needs and benefit from even lower prices.
  • Extension of the subscription period: If you increase your bundle size, we automatically extend the subscription period. This ensures that you can use your postings without time pressure.
  • Large selection of job boards and bundle sizes: You can combine job boards and bundle sizes freely so that you can customize your selection to your needs.
  • Transfer of unused postings: You can carry over unused postings to the next subscription period. You don't need to do anything yourself – we'll look after this, automatically and free of charge.


Subscribe and save money

You can save a lot of money by buying posting bundles on a subscription basis. The larger the bundle, the cheaper each individual posting. For our top bundle, we can offer you a discount of up to 45% off the standard single posting price. This means that when you buy a bundle of 20, you get the equivalent of up to 15 free postings. You can find the Personio posting bundle pricing sheet here.

Use the contact form on our website for a quote. For more information about the Personio posting bundles, you can have a look at our FAQ article.




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