The Personio Beta Testing Program

This article describes the Personio beta testing program, the prerequisites for participation and the procedure a beta test follows.


Overview of the Beta Testing Program

The intent of this program is to give our customers the opportunity to actively participate in the design of new functionalities within Personio. We do this by giving you access to unpublished functions so that you can test them out. Your feedback on these functions helps us to better tailor product updates to the needs of Personio users prior to release.


Benefits for Beta Testers

Our beta testers are the first to learn about brand new functionalities and get to take the exclusive advantage of new workflows. Participating in the Personio beta testing program also offers further additional benefits:

  • Increased impact on the functionality and development of new product areas:
    Our beta testers give targeted feedback on individual functions while they are still in development. Their views can, therefore, be quickly and easily taken into account. That way, you can actively contribute to the continuous improvement of Personio.
  • Exclusive goodies for beta testers and access to discounted event tickets:
    We regularly offer our dedicated beta testers tokens of our appreciation for their contribution to making Personio a better product with an even stronger focus on customer needs. For example, you may receive Personio merchandising items or exclusive discounts on H.U.G. tickets.


Taking Part in the Beta Testing Program 

In general, all Personio customers can apply to participate in the beta testing program. The prerequisite is that you are a Personio administrator at your company and your company account was set up as part of an active, Personio-managed implementation.

To receive invitations for beta tests, subscribe to our newsletter. To do so, click on this link and check the Beta tester box when you sign up.

Please note that beta test invitations are only available to Personio administrators. 

We select the customers who will receive invitations for upcoming beta tests based on criteria such as the plan they subscribe to and their company size.


The Beta Testing Procedure

If during product development, we decide that beta testing needs to be carried out, we will send a participation request to preselected testers, including initial information, details of the function that is going to be tested and on the time frame of the test. Potential testers must first accept this request in order to take part in a specific beta test. They always have the option of refusing if they cannot participate in the test in question.

Please note that registration for a specific beta test is binding. We rely on you to ensure that you have the time and inclination to provide feedback during any beta phase that you register for.

The invitation to take part in a test is usually valid for two working days. During this time, you can simply confirm your participation by email. If you reply any later than this, your place in the test cannot be guaranteed.


At the beginning of the beta test, all registered testers receive a kick-off notification that includes information on the new function so that they can familiarize themselves with it and test it successfully. Feedback can be submitted at any time during the test via a link provided or directly in Personio. Once the test has been completed, all participants will receive a further message with information on what happens next and the option of giving final feedback.

Please note that no advance information can be given as to whether the tested function will still be available after the test has been completed or if it will initially need to be disabled. This will depend on the outcome of the beta phase and will be decided by Personio. 

Once the beta testing results have been evaluated, the next phase of development begins. This could lead to the function being released globally, the development of a further, adapted iteration or a discontinuation of the beta functionality.


If you are no longer interested in participating in the Personio beta testing program and receiving invitations, you can deregister from the program via the customer newsletter settings (at the end of each email).




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