Personio Beta Testing and UX Research Program


This article describes the Personio beta testing and user experience (UX) research program, the prerequisites for participation and the procedure of a beta test and other research methods.


Overview of the Beta Testing and UX Research Program

We want to use this program to give our customers the opportunity to actively participate in the design of new functionalities within Personio. During beta testing, we grant you access to unpublished functions so that you can test them. Your feedback on these functions helps us to better tailor product updates to the needs of Personio users prior to release.

Additionally, you can take part in various UX research projects. Our UX researchers are working to improve specific parts of our product. They gather your feedback through various methods, like scientific interviews or usability tests and use it to inform the decisions of our product team.


Benefits for Participants

Our beta testers are the first to learn about brand new functionalities and get to take exclusive advantage of the new workflows. Participating in beta tests also offers additional benefits:

  • Increased impact on the functionality and the development of new product areas:
    Our beta testers give targeted feedback on individual functions while they are still in development. Their views can, therefore, be quickly and easily taken into account. That way, you can actively contribute to the continuous improvement of Personio.
  • Exclusive goodies for beta testers and access to discounted event tickets:
    We regularly offer our dedicated beta testers tokens of our appreciation for their contribution to making Personio a better product with an even stronger focus on customer needs. For example, you may receive access to Personio merchandising items or exclusive discounts on HUG tickets.
  • Personal certification:
    Once you have taken part in several tests, Personio can also confirm your successful participation on Xing or LinkedIn, or issue a certificate for your records. So, participation in the tests is also worthwhile for you personally.


Taking Part in Beta Testing

In general, all Personio customers can apply to participate in the beta testing program. Please note the following prerequisites for a successful initial registration:

  • You are a Personio administrator at your company, and you want to participate in beta testing yourself.
  • Your company account was set up during an active, Personio-managed implementation.
  • You have been using Personio for at least 3 months.

As part of the registration, you select all the modules that you would like to test. Once your registration has been confirmed, we will send you information on specific beta tests and surveys that are coming up. Based on your module selection and other criteria, for example, the plan you are subscribed to and your company size, we then select the potential participants for each beta phase and get in touch with them.


Taking Part in UX Research

Participation in user experience research activities is also open for all our customers. UX research covers the same topics as the beta testing program while also addressing overarching topics at any stage of the development. UX research seeks to include user feedback early on in the development and through the ongoing process of development. Due to this broader scope, there are no limitations for participation as there are with beta testing.

You also choose the areas in which you would like to help us with your feedback and based on your inputs once there is a research project matching your field of interest, a designated UX researcher will get in touch with you. They will provide you with the context and find a time slot that suits you. 


Registration Form

Use the form below to register directly for upcoming beta phases and UX research:


Our Beta Testing and UX Research Procedure

If during product development, we decide that beta testing needs to be carried out, we will send a participation request to preselected testers, including initial information, details of the function that is going to be tested and on the time frame of the test. Potential testers must first accept this request in order to take part in a specific beta test. They always have the option of refusing if they cannot participate in the test in question.

Please note that registration for a specific beta test is binding. We rely on you to ensure that you have the time and inclination to provide feedback during any beta phase that you register for.

The invitation to take part in a test is usually valid for two working days. During this time, you can simply confirm your participation by email. If you reply any later than this, your place in the test cannot be guaranteed.




Beta Testing Procedure

At the beginning of the beta test, all registered testers receive a kick-off notification that includes information on the new function so that they can familiarize themselves with it and test it successfully.  Feedback can be submitted at any time during the test via a link provided or directly in Personio. Once the test has been completed, all participants will receive another message with information on what happens next and the option of giving final feedback.

Please note that we cannot give you any advanced information on whether the tested function will still be available in your account after the test has been completed or if it will initially need to be disabled. This will depend on the outcome of the beta phase and will be decided by Personio. 

Once the beta testing results have been evaluated, the next phase of development begins. This could lead to the function being released globally, the development of a further, adapted iteration, or discontinuation of the beta functionality.


User Experience Research 

UX research methods, on the other hand, are applied at all stages of product development. This may include the early stages when we want to understand a problem, or at a later stage when we want to validate the redesign of an interface element or monitor the release of a new feature. In any of these cases, we apply different methods to gather user feedback to inform our teams in their decisions or designs. Most commonly, we use scientific interviews and usability tests to gather user input in a standardized manner. 

If you agreed to take part in UX research activities, an UX researcher will contact you based on the selected areas of interest in the registration and other relevant criteria, like your subscription plan or company size. They will provide information on what is going to be tested and how you can help them with your input. You then can decide if you would like to take part in this specific test. If so, you will agree on a suitable time slot for you to take part in the research activity.


UX Research Methods

Scientific interviews as a research method differ from normal interviews in the way that they are standardized and they meet certain scientific criteria. This way we make sure that all our interviews measure the right feedback in a comparable manner. Scientific interviews help us get a deeper understanding of a problem. Our product team then uses these results when creating a design solution. Usually, before our developers implement the designs, we test them through usability tests.

Usability testing is another research method. As a first step, our team creates most commonly prototypes of a feature. UX researchers then gather your input on this prototype in a standardized way during an usability test. Usually, they will ask you to perform certain tasks in that prototype and ask you questions during the process or ask for other kinds of input. After our researchers have gathered your responses and the answers of all the other participants, they then set out to find patterns and evaluate your input. Researchers and Designers then work together to adjust the design based on your input. If larger changes are made, this might lead to a second round of usability testing. Therefore, our researchers might invite you to another testing session.

There are also other kinds of methods that can be used. But they all have in common that they rely on your participation and your expertise as an HR professional to help us build a product that truly serves your needs.

If you are no longer interested in participating in the Personio beta testing and UX research program, just send us an email and we will remove you from the program.


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