Revised Time Tracking in Personio (Beta)

This article provides a detailed overview of the scope and process of the beta program for the new time tracking functionality in Personio.

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What's New?

Date Note
 CW 46/2019 Start of the beta phase with selected beta customers
 CW 13/2020 Manual time tracking via the Personio app
CW 27/2020

Revised approval page for your employee's attendance times

CW 40/2020

Optional break rules in the settings for the attendance model

General Beta Testing Process

During the beta testing phase, we continuously collect feedback on the scope of functions and the user-friendliness of the revised time tracking function. 

  1. The beta program started in calendar week 46 (2019) for selected beta testers. 
  2. We collect and evaluate our customers' feedback directly throughout the entire beta phase. 

Please note that customers wishing to participate in the beta program must use the new time tracking function for all of their employees. If you're interested in beta testing the revised time tracking function, please get in touch with our Support.


Scope of Functions And Additional Functionalities


Scope of functions:
During the beta program, you'll have access to the following functions:

  • Calendar view for time tracking
  • Entry and editing of incomplete attendance periods
    Only enter a start time and complete the end time later at the end of your working day.
  • Editing of attendance periods with proposal rights
    Your employees are immediately able to edit existing attendance times, provided that they have proposal rights, triggering an approval process if required.
  • Calculation of break times
    Record net working hours from now on. Personio calculates breaks automatically based on the working hours entered.
  • Project tracking
    Activate project time tracking as required and analyze the hours worked per project from the attendance report.
  • Attendance tracking via the mobile app
    Track times in the Personio app in a quick, intuitive process. If you enter break times directly, you also have the option to allocate the time tracked to a project.
  • Improved overview for confirming attendance times
    Use the new confirmation page to get an overview of your employees' recorded working hours at a glance – no more need to confirm multiple individual blocks of time.
  • Create break rules
    Each work schedule can be linked to a break rule to define how long breaks should be for a defined number of working hours. Employees and approvers receive an alert if "incorrect" breaks are recorded. However, work hours can still be entered and approved even if breaks do not comply with the rule.
  • Export of attendance periods including breaks
    Export a monthly overview from the employee profile to get a detailed breakdown in a PDF format of the tracked work hours per day, along with a total of the break times.

Future Prospects

In addition to the functions made available to you during the beta phase, we are continually working to expand the scope of time tracking functions.

The following functions will be available to you once the continuous revision process has been completed:

  • Revised approval overview with filtering options


Feedback Process Throughout the Beta Program

As a beta customer, you're able to play an active role in further developing time tracking in Personio. Your feedback allows us to optimize functions in line with our users' needs.

Please use the feedback form below to share your thoughts with us so we can analyze and consider them during the current beta phase:

We look forward to receiving your feedback in the next two weeks. This will allow us to take your comments into account in a timely manner during the beta testing phase.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the New Time Tracking Function in Personio

How am I alerted to the fact that additional functions have been added to attendance tracking during the beta phase?
Follow this article to receive email notifications as soon as we add new content to this Helpcenter article. Visit the Current Information section for the latest information on new functionalities as they are added during the beta testing phase.
As the Personio account administrator, can I initially trial new functionalities just by myself?
Once you participate in the beta test, the new time tracking function is activated for all of your employees who have access to the Attendance tab. Please feel free to forward your employees' feedback to us.
I'd like to participate in the beta test – how do I do that?
To participate, please contact our Support.

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