How Does Personio Notify Me of Service Disruptions?


This article explains where you find up-to-date information about Personio service disruptions.


What's the Status Page?

Check the Personio status page to see whether there is a service disruption and how extensive it is. Click here to visit the status page.


What Information Can I Find on the Status Page?

The status page provides an overview of the status of Personio's various systems. Green indicates that everything is fine – Personio is online without any limitations. Red means that there is a service disruption. We differentiate between four different types of disruptions:

  • System availability: information on general system availability such as server outages or performance problems
  • Email service availability: information on email services such as reminders, notifications and incoming and outgoing candidate messages
  • Integrations: information on problems reported to us by integration partners
  • Support systems: information on systems such as our telephone system, support emails and the Help Center



Please be patient if the service is disrupted and try again in a few minutes' time. Rest assured that our engineering team is doing all it can to get everything going again as quickly as possible. We'll notify you on the status page as soon as Personio is again fully functional and reliably available.


Can I Receive Email Notifications?

Yes. To do so, click onSubscribe to Updates in the top right corner of the screen and enter the email address you would like notifications to be sent to. You can also receive notifications via the Atom Feed or RSS Feed.





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