Best Practice: Downstream Integration of Sub-Companies into Personio



You may wish to integrate new sub-companies into your Personio account later on as your company grows, expands or acquires other companies. This article describes how to best incorporate new employees and processes into your account setup.


1. Needs Analysis

As a first step, analyze the new sub-company's structures in detail to obtain a comprehensive overview of the processes it relies on. Next, decide how to best map the subcompany to Personio based on existing organizational needs. In this process, we suggest you ask the following questions:

Will the new sub-company's structures be adapted to your Personio account? Or:
Will you adapt your existing configurations in Personio to the new sub-company's structures?

This strategic decision should be made right at the start of integrating one or several new sub-companies.The following table provides you with a number of points you may wish to consider in your analysis and which may affect your account settings:

  Question Possible implications in Personio


Will new types of employment be added?
e.g. employees covered by collective agreements, freelancers, student trainees or apprentices
  • Creating work schedules
  • Adjusting access rights
  • New attributes in the employee information
  • Additional types of compensation
  • Additional payroll groups

Will there be different rules for leave or the granting of leave?

  • Creating absence types and accruals
  • Adjusting access rights and approvals


2. Implementation Planning

Develop a schedule for implementing the integration that takes the following points into account:

Human resources Planning internal human resources for collecting and preparing data and configuring the account
Legacy systems Does the sub-company you will be integrating work with other legacy HRIS systems that will be superseded?
Stakeholder analysis Which stakeholders need to be included in integrating the new subcompany?
Scheduling Avoiding critical periods such as the end of the financial or payroll year or leave periods
Process definition New process definitions or integration with existing processes such as onboarding, hire, ongoing changes, payroll preparation, resignations, etc.
Communication with employees Preparation of appropriate internal communications and supporting change management
Rollout Planning of training requirements and training materials for HR managers, recruiters, supervisors and/or employees


3. Implementation

A number of preparatory steps need to be completed before you can start adjusting your account settings in line with the findings from your needs analysis.


Activating Sub-Companies

If you have not used the "sub-company" functionality before, activate it for your Personio account in Settings > Company.


To assign employees to a sub-company, bulk-edit the Sub-Company attribute from the Employee list or import Excel data.


Importing New Employees

Follow the first steps of your initial account setup to integrate new employees into your Personio account. Pay special attention to the preliminary payroll area, especially if you haven't previously managed sub-companies in your preliminary payroll yet. Ensure that all attributes that may affect standard reports or preliminary payroll are maintained with accurate dates:

Attribute Implications
Sub-company Each employee must be assigned to a sub-company to be included in the preliminary payroll.
Status Only internal employees are included in preliminary payroll.

Payroll group
(if required)

Different payroll periods can be defined for different payroll groups.

Historical data may need to be corrected. This can be done in the detail view in the Employee history.


4. Communication and Rollout

Integrating new sub-companies and employees means (partially) rolling out Personio again. Use our tips and resources to facilitate the activities you conduct internally in support of this change process. These are the same as for the initial Personio rollout.



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