Troubleshooting: An employee does not receive the full vacation entitlement


Certain events, such as an employee entering or leaving the company during the year, or changing from a full-time to a part-time work model, will directly affect their yearly vacation entitlement. For example, a part-time employee's entitlement is reduced compared to that of a full-time employee. Personio will calculate reduced entitlements automatically in the following cases.

Please note that each time these settings are changed will trigger a new calculation of the vacation entitlement.


Employment start/end during the year

For employees who enter or leave your company in the course of a calendar year, the pro-rated vacation entitlement is calculated automatically in line with the calculation logic that you have defined under Settings > Absence > Accrual policies. Click here for further information on setting up accrual policies.


Part-time work schedule

If a five-day week has been defined for your company as the full-time work model, Personio will calculate a reduced vacation entitlement for employees who have been assigned a work schedule of less than 5 days per week. The employee's work schedule and changing the work schedule have a direct impact on their entitlement. Click here for detailed information on how the pro-rated vacation entitlements of part-time employees are calculated.



Employees who are on leave, for example, taking parental leave or a sabbatical, will not be allocated vacation entitlements for each full month that they are on leave. Click here for further information about Leave.




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